We Have Launched a Brand New Mobile App Service – Q&A

We Have Launched a Brand New Mobile App Service – Q&A

There are hundreds of different sites and applications on the dating market: one are based on serious psychological tests, others remember what kind of people you look at and who look at the same people besides you and using this information pick up matches for you.
There are apps that show your profile to different people and if you have a mutual match you can talk for free. Also there are sites for group meetings, where you take your friend and a girl takes her she-friend . I can enumerate many other applications, because I understand how this market works very well. Otherwise how else could we do something new, useful and unique? 

We launched Meetville in 2011, but only now we found ourselves by launching service Questions and Answers – Q&A.

This service completely changed our product and became the main part of it. Just want to mention – we have launched this service only on the iPad and iPhone. But in future we plan to implement it on site, Google Play and on the Android platform.

This is how Q&A Service works:

1. You answer various questions, for example:

Download application

2. According to your answers, we find you people with similar life values and interests:

Download application

3. Then you get in touch with the person you like using real-time chat and decide on a date:

Download application

4. You have a breathtaking date and start a romance!

It’s really just that simple!

Attention, you’re highly risking not only finding your soul mate but also knowing yourself better! The more you answer the more you will learn yourself.

ps. THIS IS OF HIGHLY IMPORTANCE – do not use our app on cross lights, in the elevators or while eating because you may become the reason of a traffic jam, get stuck in the elevator or stay hungry!

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