The 5 Worst Dating Types to Avoid

The 5 Worst Dating Types to Avoid

You want to be in a relationship and you’re tired of dating, and yet you can’t figure out why things seem to always go wrong. The truth is that most of us get into bad dating patterns or cycles and end up dating the totally wrong type of guy. You may know it down deep or you may have never really taken inventory on it, but there are some terrible dating types that can be leading you to nothing but trouble.

Though you may feel that you are most certainly doing everything right, if you continue to pick the wrong type of guy then you’ll end up in the same spot. It’s not always easy to admit it, but you know who the wrong guy is even before you ever go out on that first date.

If you need it captured into a categorized then it can help you to avoid these common mistakes again. Here are the worst of the worst of dating types that will leave you down and out, and turn your dating life upside down. Run the other way if you encounter him.

1. The guy that is way too pulled together: He is handsome, successful, and seems to have it all. He is so pulled together that it almost seems contrived. He is smooth and suave — almost to the extent that it makes you wonder. If he’s the guy who seems to always have an answer for anything and you can’t find a flaw with him, there’s a good chance he’s a player. Men who play women know exactly how to work them and to portray themselves, to beware!

2. The loser who wants to mooch off of you: He’s in between jobs or is a “lifelong student”. He has some dreams but they involve playing guitar in a coffee shop rather than having a full-time job. He assures you that he’ll get a job, pay you back, or take care of you when he’s back on his feet. If you have an innate need to take care of people, don’t let it be this loser who will only take from you and never give you what you really need.

3. The guy who your friends don’t like — but you’re sure they are wrong: Your friends keep telling you that he’s not a good guy. Nobody in your life likes him and they keep telling you that he’s going to hurt you. It’s not that all your friends are wrong, but rather that you want to believe that he’s a good guy. If those closest to you get a bad vibe from him, then there is probably some legitimacy to that.

4. The guy who has an excuse for everything: He seems shady and rehearsed, and though you don’t want to believe it that’s because he is. You may even catch him in a bold faced lie, and yet he has a way of explaining it away. If he’s the guy who has an excuse for everything, then that’s because he has everything to hide. Don’t buy into his hype, but rather get out of things before they progress any further.

5. The guy that you are sure you could change with time: You are sure that you could make him the man that you want him to be. You like a lot about him, but there’s one issue or red flag that you want so badly to ignore. Though you may feel that he will change in time or be the man that you want him to be, forget it! If you have to already look at him and consider what you would want to change about him, then he’s not the right one for you.

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