The 4 Biggest Myths of Dating Uncovered

The 4 Biggest Myths of Dating Uncovered

Dating isn’t always the easiest thing to do, particularly with all the bad advice that you get out there. You’re told to be yourself but not try too hard. You’re told to be confident, but never cocky. You’re told that you need to make them work for it a little bit, but never to lead somebody on. So what’s a person supposed to do who has the best of intentions and feels totally unclear as to what to do or be within the dating process?

The most important thing is to be yourself. Own up to who you are and what you’re about, as that will attract the person that’s right for you. This goes contrary to so much of the popular dating advice, but it makes good sense. If you try to be somebody that you’re not then it will end in dating disaster. This is just one example of a common dating myth, but it’s an important one to shed light on.

In addition we take a look at some of the biggest myths of dating. Understanding that these are untrue and that they can actually work against you can improve your chances. If you want to enjoy dating and actually find love, then know about these biggest myths of dating and try to avoid falling into these common traps.

1. Being mysterious will always be attractive: Far too many people try to be mysterious as that’s what they think they’re supposed to be. This can be confused with uninterested or even stuck up, and so mysterious doesn’t work for everyone. Sure you want to leave something to the imagination but not everything. Give a little bit away but leave a little bit for them to get to know later. Trying too hard to be mysterious however will never end well!

2. Playing hard to get is a great way to entice the other person: Hard to get is a game and most people hate these in dating. Again leave a little to the imagination but don’t play games as you may get the boot. If you have to play hard to get early on then maybe it’s not a good match to begin with. Keep that in mind and just be yourself and stop trying so hard to attract the other person.

3. Don’t be the first one to call: So many people are stuck with old fashioned habits and that’s not necessarily a good thing. While you don’t want to be the person that is calling nonstop or coming across as desperate, you also don’t want to avoid taking action if you’re interested. If you want to jumpstart the process or get to know the other person better, then don’t always be afraid to make that first call. It just might lead to really great things!

4. Never ever talk about your past: Admittedly there is a fine balance here and that’s an important point to maintain. While you don’t want to talk constantly about your ex or previous relationships, you also don’t want to avoid them altogether. If they ask questions then answer them. Don’t bad mouth your ex or talk about your past excessively, but do take the time to talk about what happened in your past as we all learn from mistakes. They will value your openness and the fine balance will really help you in the end.

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