3 The Most Ridiculous Dating Myths and Why They Aren’t True

3 The Most Ridiculous Dating Myths and Why They Aren’t True

So much of the dating advice out there is based on the dating myths that simply aren’t true. Not only are they false, but they can actually decrease your chances of ever moving past that first date. Forget the old wive’s tales that are based on traditions that are irrelevant for years. Ignore the advice that tells you things that simply don’t make sense and instead start to focus on what will really and truly work for you.

It’s not always easy to score that next date or to keep the momentum going, but you have to first look at what you’re doing. There are some myths out there that will always hurt you, never help you, and may very well paint you to be somebody that you’re not. So let’s take a look at the myths to absolutely always ignore true dating success.


Date everyone you meet. Just date, date, date!

Are you a habitual dater? Will you go out on a date with anyone? Are you the person that everyone wants to set up and you actually go through with it? Here’s the thing, it’s really more about quality than quantity. Just because you date a lot, you don’t actually increase your odds at all. Sure it’s great to get out there, but be a bit selective in the process. If you just date for the sake of dating you are not likely to meet the right person and may even end up in a relationship that is all wrong.


Expect the other person to make the plans and to pay for everything

Gone are the days of always letting the man take the lead. Forget about that. Women have power too! You can make the plans, no matter which party you are. You can choose your date idea and you can even take the lead on this date. So many of us are conditioned to follow the route of traditional dating, and that may actually work against you. Forget all you have known about dating and follow your instincts.


Try to be somebody different so that you are sure to impress your date

Being someone else is always a bad idea. You can’t pretend for a long time and after all your partner will eventually find out who you really are. Being truthful about who you are and being forthcoming may get you the second date or allow you to be selective. Be who you are and let the other person enjoy that and truly get to know you — that may lead you to that second date that you’ve always wanted!

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These are the most common of so many dating myths. The best way to avoid them in your dating life is to follow your instincts and communicate with your partner about what both of you prefer in a relationship.

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