Ten Rules of Online Dating

Ten Rules of Online Dating

Trying to make things work in the online dating world is no easy task. And if you are a more mature person (40-60 years old) it can seem especially daunting. Fear not – if you follow these simple rules success is just around the corner.

There are two areas where online dating can go awry – the profile and the profile follow up.

1. No Life Stories Please
Your profile should tell a lot about you in not too many words. A novel-like profile will only bore people.  Make it short and sweet, just like you.

2. So, What Do You Like Doing?
Use your profile to draw people in. While it’s important to tell your story it’s equally important to create an interesting and exciting view of what it would be like spending time with you.

3. Leave The Negativity Behind You
If you don’t like this or you don’t like that, it’s best to just leave that out of your profile. Put on a happy and positive face.

4. Family Values
Make sure your family is part of your profile. This lets people know what’s important to you and sets the stage for realistic get together.

5. No Cleavage Required
While this may be your best asset, showing it off will send a message you probably don’t intend to send.

6. Look Past Your First Impression
Many high quality people don’t photograph well, or craft well written e-mail. Try not to eliminate potential matches too early. If there are qualities you like, follow up with a phone call. You might be pleasantly surprised.

7. Privacy First
Most online dates don’t go past the second or third encounter. That is not meant to be discouraging, just realistic.  Your private information, such as where you live and your real e-mail are probably best kept for something serious. Get a separate Google e-mail and phone number just for dating.

8. Slow And Steady Wins The Race
You’ve studied the profiles and examined the photos, and there he or she is. Perfection and then some. Slow down! You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain by taking your time and letting the relationship grow slowly.

9. Leave The Past Behind You
It will be hard to do but not talking about your ex or his ex will go a long way toward letting you move on. That baggage has no place in you new life.

10. Step Into The Real World
Real world, offline events are a very good way to practice those skills you want to be able to use when you find the perfect one online. Get out there and meet people, it’ll go a long way toward finding the love of your life.

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