How to Survive a Long Distance Relationship: Stories of Real-Life Couples

How to Survive a Long Distance Relationship: Stories of Real-Life Couples

Many people believe that the worst thing that could happen to a couple in a relationship is the distance. There are situations when you need to live separately but it doesn’t mean that your relationship is over. If you are apart but you still want to keep your relationship strong and happy, check these tips below.

Good for all us, nowadays we are not restricted by the communicative tools that help us to see each other and talk to each other online. Though, it’s still not enough for a good healthy relationship. You are not only struggling by the fact that you can’t feel each other physically but you also need to develop your sense of trust and patience to keep your relationship stable. Of course, there are good and bad sides, so in order to help you to deal with this situation, here are the stories of real couples who have survived through the long distance relationship.


“Sometimes she even fell asleep during our video call”

The only thing I missed all the time was hugging and touching her. Other than that we’ve spent our days like a normal couple. We’ve talked a lot during the day and we’ve spent all the evenings together via Skype or WhatsApp. We’ve watched movies and played video games and just discussed the things that happend to us today. Sometimes she even fell asleep during our video call and I could watch her sleeping for a while.

There was never even a slight mistrust between us. We’ve made our plans together even though we were thousands miles apart from each other. When we’ve finally managed to live together it was like we have never been apart anyway.

David, Columbus


“You learn how to trust him and to be patient about your relationship”

A lot of people think that a long distance will ruin their relationship but I think it was the best thing that has ever happend to us. I’ve lived with other guys before but the thing I hated the most was the lack of communication. When you are together all the time, you don’t even notice it until you realize that you don’t understand each other. With Mike, it was completely different as the only thing that kept us together was talking to each other. Why do I think the distance only helped our relationship? Well, when you don’t see your boyfriend a lot and don’t really know what he is doing most part of his day, you learn how to trust him and to be patient about your relationship. Also, we started to understand each other better. He told me a lot about his hobbies, his friends and family, his dreams and thoughts about different things. And I also shared a lot with him. As we live in different cities but not that far from each other we can see each other in real life from time to time. I think it also spices up our life a bit.

Of course, I miss him when I don’t see him for too long. And surely I would to spend more time together in real life and probably live together someday. But I still believe that there is nothing wrong in a long distance relationship if your feelings are strong enough and you know how to work on your relationship.

Veronica, Los Angeles


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“Seeing parts of my love’s life bonded us even more”

One of the things that kept us updated with each other’s lives is photos. Don’t be ashamed to send selfies or photos of things you want to share. Verbal communication is important but really seeing parts of my love’s life bonded us even more. And don’t forget about erotic selfies 😉

Amely, Montreal


“I started to forget how is it to spend an evening on my own”

When I found out that my boyfriend has to move to New York for a while I was devastated. I really started believing that our relationship is over and this kind of a long distance relationship will never work out. However, eventually, it wasn’t that bad and somehow I’ve even found some advantages of this situation.

Firstly, I’ve got more time for myself. I love my boyfriend and I love spending time with him but I started to forget how is it to spend an evening on my own reading a book and eating something unhealthy. I’ve also started spending more time with my friends and it was actually nice to meet a different people and see different faces every day.

Secondly, we’ve found our own way of communication. Of course, we had messengers and video calls but we turned it into a very romantic adventure. We’ve sent each other paper letter! I couldn’t even imagine how romantic it is. And it only enhanced the anticipation (in a good sense). I’ve been waiting for his letters like a child is waiting for Christmas 🙂

I can’t say it wasn’t hard. But at the same time, I’ve learned to trust him more and to forgive him for the little things. This made our relationship stronger than ever.

Harley, Houston


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