Some Dating Gimmicks

Some Dating Gimmicks

Want some more interesting dating statistics? Ok’ here we go:

Mind your playlists while dating
French scientists decided to check the influence of music on our dating mood and our perception of the opposite sex. They invited a group of women and offered them to listen to romantic love ballads while waiting for the experiment to start. Actually, the participants were told they would take part in a marketing research and didn’t know anything about the real purpose of the study. Then they interacted with men while filling in a marketing questionnaire. After the task had been fulfilled each man asked his women partner to give out her phone number. And it appeared that women who had been listening to romantic songs were much more likely to share with their phone numbers than those who prior had been listening to other sort of music. How can it practically help in your dating life? In order to succeed on a date you’d better leave your favorite hard rock tracks for other occasions.

Ladies in read are always popular
According to the study conducted by the University of Rochester women having something red on seem much more sexually attractive for men than ladies wearing other colors. Later one more research showed that women had the same attitude to men in red clothes, though it was expressed unconsciously. It proves the old stereotype about the magic quality of the red color to draw people’s attention and enhance sexual attraction. How can it help in your dating life? It’s high time to review your clothing preferences and buy something red if you want to be noticed.

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