Single After 30

Single After 30

Launching a long-term relationship is a necessity for most people nowadays and if you’re still single after you turn 30 it can be taken as a disaster. But don’t panic and have a serious look at so called problem.

The most important thing is to remember that being single after 30 is not something to be ashamed about. Even if most of your friends are married or are in relationships by this time, it doesn’t mean that they are so happy. Getting married when you’re too young is not a must and many people are already divorced at 30.

Another point is that many professionals choose to be single in their earlier years to have a chance for getting a stable financial position. They prefer to stay single after 30 and become financially and socially stable.

Nowadays 30 is actually considered to be the new 20 and you still can find many attractive senior singles who want to start a serious relationship. Whether you’re using the Internet and online dating, or prefer a more traditional method such as meeting offline, you will definitely find somebody who is still single in their 30’s. So don’t miss your chance!

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7 thoughts on “Single After 30”

  • leave behind all these medieval morals. now everything has changed and women don’t have to be married as early as possible, or esle, not be single at 30. now it is OK for a mature woman to go out and have fun, not stuck to her household and burry herself in the house duties!

  • agree. but at 30 aren’t u experienced enough to cope with them? if u show your independency and strength, u’ll attract more people, rather then when you constantly slop over and yelp!!

  • on the one hand, there’s nothing to worry about. by 30 we get financialy and socialy independent. That helps us to go on living alone. But on the other hand – with a solemate by the side that will be a way easier to cope with the problems.

  • men themselves are not dying to bound by serious relationships at some 20-25! when they get older, they look around and search for a life mate! that’s where your age, which also means experience, good cooking skills and so on, is an advantage! once again – there’s nothing bad in being single at 30 and over. the main thing is not to be depressed!

  • in my opinion, age doesn’t matter that much. if you worry about your appearance, just don’be a lazy cow and visit gyms, beauty salons and so on. just look after yourself! mature ladies have much more advantage in serious relations due to their… maturity!!

  • there’s no reason to be upset! you may devote all you time to you and seeking the good relations – going out much ang meeting people! one good bonus – you will have enough money for a good dress and stuff in public places, you will not depend on your boyfriend. everything just begings 🙂

  • I know some women, who are over 30, single and feel cool about it. this may seem somehow scarily, but all in all, that’s normal

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