Simple Dating Rules

Simple Dating Rules

It’s a paradox but the more we learn about the science of dating the less we can implement in practice. Trying to become guru of dating we seem to forget the simplest rules, so let’s take a closer look at them one more time.

Just Smile
Remember, no gorgeous outfit will work if you leave your smile at home. Any woman seems to be much more approachable having her smile on.

Don’t Forget about Your Face while Making Your Best Shot
If you are going to become an online dater, have your makeup and hair done. In order to make a good impression on your potential partner you should do your best to look attractive in your profile picture. As, unfortunately, we are unlikely to have a second chance to leave a first impression. And one more tip here – no friends on the photo, only your beautiful face.

Have an Objective
Bear in mind that love at first sight may happen but may not. That’s why you should always have a bright picture of your ideal partner in your head. It’s like in business – at first you set a certain goal, then you try to achieve it. You will never get anything if you yourself still don’t know what you really want.

Be curious 
Don’t be afraid of asking numerous questions to show you are interested in your partner and also to learn about him/her as much as you can. As just talking about yourself, you’ll hardly get to know your would-be partner better. Moreover, keep in mind that everyone, I repeat – everyone likes to be listened to. So, the best away to attract a person is to become an attentive listener.

Don’t Forget about Dating Etiquette
Treat your partner the way you want to be treated by him/her. Remember that the absence of good manners may ruin weeks or even months of your pre-date communication within a couple of minutes. That’s why it’s so important to be polite and keep you cell phone switched off, unless you are a single parent.

Be Grateful
Even in case you are not going to meet again, send your date an email with the words of gratitude. Believe, this small step may work out well in future. You never know whether this person will appear in your life once again or not. What if he/she will become your colleague or a friend of your friend?

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8 thoughts on “Simple Dating Rules”

  • Do compliment your date on how he or she looks. Men and women tend to put a lot of effort into getting ready for a date, and it’s nice (and flattering) to hear that all that energy paid off.

  • Why are we talking only about gals? What about guys??? They also should pay much attention to their appearance and behaviour. Some of them think that if they pay for dinner they can forget about dating etiquette!

  • i’d also like to add something – don’t check out other people when you’re on a date. ever. this is just tacky. you may think you are subtle, but while you’re scoping the cutie in the corner, your date will be heading for the door. extend your partner the courtesy of concentrating solely on them while you’re with them.

  • I have one tip:
    tell someone directly if you’re not interested in seeing them again. Lying and stringing people along simply because you’re too scared to tell them the truth is selfish and hurtful. If you don’t want to go on another date with someone, let them down as gently – but firmly – as possible.

  • Do try to always look your best and be punctual. Showing up late or looking messy gives the impression that you don’t care – and, if that’s the case, why go out with this person in the first place?

  • I try be interested and interesting. I ask questions, share insights and pay attention when your date is telling you what they like to do, read, watch, listen to, etc.

  • Do try to enjoy yourself on dates. Yes, finding your soul mate is serious business, and it can sometimes even be a scary endeavor, but keep in mind that this is supposed to be fun.

  • Unfortunately, some gals not only leave their smile at home, but also leave there their makeup and hairdo. If you want to attract a guy think about all the aspects of your personality and your appearance.

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