Senior Dating: How to Get Started?

Senior Dating: How to Get Started?

Now that you have left behind your unsuccessful fading relationships and opened your mind for a new portion of romance, get ready for a new adventure. Despite all the life turmoils you’ve already been through, the first-date-excitement doesn’t seem to be forgotten even when you’re over 40. For sure, the places you visit may infuse a great deal of confidence and courage in you or vice versa make you feel uncomfortable and timid. Needless to say, that the best thing to do on a first senior date is to go to a place you have been to several times or do the things you are used to doing.

  • Visit a dancing club. Recollect in your mind the crazy nights of our youth, when you danced yourself to exhaustion and returned home worn out but happy. Why not try to experience it once again? Now you may call on some clubs for the seniors and let the music and dancing melt the ice of shyness between you and your partner.
  • Enjoy the arts. Visiting a museum, theatre, rarities exhibitions, concerts will definitely help you to relax. There’s no need to limit yourself to classics, feel free to pay attention to some avant-garde and postmodern waves of art!
  • Arrange a picnic. Settling down in a quiet place on cozy blankets will contribute to relaxation and will fence you off annoying crowds of people. When tête-à-tête, you and your mate will be able to gain each other’s favour. That is a good chance to get acquainted with your partner better.

Whatever you choose to do and wherever you decide to go on your first senior date, just don’t worry and don’t get upset if anything goes the way it was not planned.

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5 thoughts on “Senior Dating: How to Get Started?”

  • no, clubs are not suitable fot the first date! you may go to a club only if your partner’s not scary of dancing, like, u know, there’re such people, who would never dance in public. especially with those, they are trying to make a good impression at!

  • wherever you go, just keep in mind, thah that should be the place where you BOTH will feel comfortable, not only you. so don’t be egoistic and decide together, where you both would like to go!

  • I think that going to the dancing club is not a good idea… loud music will cramp your conversation, you won’t hear each other. and constant re-asking will spoil the impression, you mate will think that you’re deaf!

  • agree ,and from the list I will choose a picnic! quiet place, sitting without a rush…just what I need. besides, you will not feel tired after such a date, like after …let us say…dancing!

  • it seems like going to “enjoy the art” is one of the best variants. in this case you get a chance to learn about the intelligence of your mate. if he cannot differentiate between Salvador Dali and Paul Gauguin there’s nothing to keep me near him

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