Senior Dating Guide

Senior Dating Guide

If you are in your 40-s or even 60-s it doesn’t mean you have to forget about life and romance. Online is your chance to meet someone special and bring some bright colors to your routine life. In this article you’ll find some tips that help to relieve the stress of the first offline date when you and your potential partner decide to meet in a real life after online communication.

1. Leave your past in your past
Yes, you are an experienced person who’ve seen a lot, but leave all your drama stories till your second date. Don’t overload your encounter with your family life details, as your partners are likely to be more interested in your current life, hobbies and interests rather than in some episodes of your past. Just relax and have fun together. Let your dates know who you are today.

2. Don’t apply too much effort while planning your first date
As a matter of fact, it’s not so important where to go and what to do if there is the right person beside you. Trying to concentrate on your dating plan: your destination, your restaurant menu or the movie you watch together, your may lose the point of the date itself. Don’t think of fun – just have fun! Believe when there is the chemistry between you and your partner, your first encounter won’t fail wherever you go.

3. We are never too old to be well groomed
Of course, this dating rule should be followed not only by single seniors but by all daters as well. But being a middle-aged person means that we have to try our best to look our best. Some seniors feel messed up buying new outfits or cosmetics, especially if they are not used to doing it very often. But keep in mind that first (and not only first) date is the high time to pay careful attention to your appearance in order to make a good impression on your date. Moreover, with your hair cut and your nails done you always feel confident, and it goes without saying that self-confident people attract more attention.

We hope that these simple tips will shed the light on the world of dating and help you avoid some pitfalls while going out together with your potential partner. Stay tuned!

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7 thoughts on “Senior Dating Guide”

  • The best advice here is just relax and have fun together. Love makes no difference and age can not prevent you from being happy!

  • Don’t take it so seriously: Getting back in the game can be nerve wracking at first, but just remember to have fun, explore your options and stay true to yourself

  • Taking things forward for the new relation can be tough for most of us because your partner may have experienced bad relations in the past. Past experiences make them wiser and they can be emotional of heartbreak in the past.

  • From first loves to nasty divorces, all our previous relationships mould our future and the way we approach new partners. If there is a recent ex, or tricky divorce still lying around then be wary but don’t discount a possible relationship. The best strategy is just to be open and honest about your situation and feelings.

  • I disagree with the first tip! Don’t abandon your past: If you’re afraid that a new boyfriend or girlfriend will make you forget your family or past relationships, have a discussion with that person to let them know that you’ll always remain close to your past and that a new relationship doesn’t entail leaving them behind.

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