Scammers Never Sleep

Scammers Never Sleep

No one doubts that nowadays online dating has become one of the most powerful tools in the sphere of matchmaking. It has its undeniable advantages: multiple choice of contacts, simultaneous communication with different users etc. But unfortunately online dating still can’t guarantee us absolute safety, and we are all aware about internet scammers. So in order to avoid their traps any online user should learn some rules:

  • Be cautious when you are asked for money either for a ticket to come to your place from another country or in the exchange his/her private information. This is may be the first sign you are communicating with a scammer. It doesn’t mean that each user who discusses finance issues with you tries to deceive you, but before transmitting your money to anyone make sure this is a real and reliable person.
  • Also pay attention to the way your date communicates with you. If you’ve noticed that his/her letters sound unnatural or look like as if they are copied this is also an alarm signal.
  • Check the online profile of your would-be partner; online scammers always create hundreds of accounts with fake photos and data.

The pace at which your relationship develops is a simple way to tell a scammer. If someone is only flirting with you to get money you will soon know about it. Scammers usually ask for cash as soon as there’s such an opportunity. The courtship period should be long and gradually evolving for the two of you to get to know each other better.

Online dating is a wonderful way to have fun and find your real love, but always keep in mind that your safety is in your hands, be attentive and cautious.

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