How do relationships change over time?

How do relationships change over time?

When you are together for a long time already, it’s clear that your relationship would change somehow. with the person and being married to them change the way some things work in your relationship, even though you might not notice it.

So, here we got 7 ways change when you go through the stages of new to the long-term relationship. And what is the better way to show it than with fun comics? That is why here we got the best parts of Sarah Andersen’s hilariously honest comics about real-life . And we couldn’t agree with her more. 



Remember how much time does it take to get ready for a ? Well, if you are in a long-term relationship, you don’t really need all these long preparations. So, what’s the point of getting dressed if you already know that he loves you? You can just stay all comfy in your sweatpants all day. 

date comics


When you are together for a long time, you not only get common hobbies and interests, but also kind of develop a new language. So, it’s not a lie that long-term couples can understand each other without words (at least without normal ones).

communication in relationships


When you are in a relationship with someone, cuddling is one of the best things you can enjoy together. However, it may also bring some inconveniences…

couple cuddle


Eating together can be awkward in the begging. You want to look good in front of this particular person, so you are trying to pretend that you eat like in a royal dinner. But over the time you are getting closer and you are not that ashamed of being embarrassing during the dinner. 

couple dinner date

Physical intimacy

Watching all these perfect movie scenes make us feel like we need we need some specific seductive technics to keep our relationships strong. But it’s not really like that. You moves can change over time going from something more complex to blunter methods.

couple sex


Of course, it’s hard to discuss some personal stuff with people you’ve just met. But when your relationship is getting more serious, you open more and more for each other.

honesty relationship change


When you are in a long-term relationship, you’ll feel that your love has changed as well. If you are with the right person your love will only get stronger and you’ll feel it. And if not… Probably, your relationship won’t last too long.

love relationship change

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