Ready for a Long Distance Relationship? Don’t Hurry!

Ready for a Long Distance Relationship? Don’t Hurry!

The topic of a long distant relationship (or LDR) always seems to be one of the most burning issues of the up-to-day’s world and sparks a lot of hot discussions. We do understand that being far away from your one and only is a great challenge. It’s a natural desire to stay beside the person you love and share all your joys and sorrows with him or her. Thus, it’s very important to realize whether you are ready to live separately and whether your feelings are strong enough for such a challenge. And here some questions to ask yourself before starting a relationship with the person miles away.

1. How long will you live far away from each other?
In some cases it’s not difficult to define the time period of separation (for example when your partner left the country or the city to study). But what if your beloved one works abroad and doesn’t know for sure when he or she will be able to come to you or invite you to his/her place. All these issues should be discussed from time to time, especially if your plans change.

2. How often are you going to see each other?
It’s high time to discuss all the questions concerning road expenses, how often you’ll be able to see each other etc. Of course, you won’t solve all the problems at once. But this will definitely help you avoid misunderstanding in future and you’ll learn to manage your time and finance.

3. Do you really trust each other?
Any relationship requires a lot of trust in order to be healthy. Long distance relationship requires even more trust, as long as you’ll see each other not very often and can’t control each other’s behavior. Thus, here the trust is essential thing without which no long distant relationship can exist or at least be more or less healthy.

We hope that these three simple questions will really help you to be prepared for an LDR and realize the responsibility it requires.

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3 thoughts on “Ready for a Long Distance Relationship? Don’t Hurry!”

  • I’m strongly convinced that long distance relationships -can- work if BOTH sides put their sincere efforts into trying to make it work. However, it is usually very hard to maintain a long distance relationship because there are just so many factors against it such as people changing over time and the loneliness of not being with someone. In order for it to work, there must be some kind of commitment and sacrifices that both people must be willing to make.

  • Well they do and they don’t sometimes. My friend had a long distance relationship and it worked out just fine:) But I’m ready for such kind a relationship…

  • It depends on each very couple I think, but me personally wouldn’t like to maintain such a relationship and I’d try my best to do everything to be together with my beloved one.

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