Questions Seniors Should Ask Themselves before Dating Again

Questions Seniors Should Ask Themselves before Dating Again

It can be exciting and scary to start dating again when you’re over 40 and have been out the dating scene for a while. To avoid nervousness and make sure your expectations correspond to reality, we recommend our senior singles to ask themselves 3 great questions before starting dating games again.

1. What are you looking for?
This is the most important thing to point out before dating again. Are you looking for friendship, senior companionship, or a more involved relationship? Are you searching for marriage, or are you simply trying to meet your senior match? Your answers to these questions will help you to understand the main aim of your desire to date.

2How much time are you ready to spend?
It’s a great idea to ask yourself how much time are you ready to spend on senior dating. Do you want to have dates with your new partners regularly, or does your busy schedule only permit occasional visits? Either decision fits, it’s just best to have strict requirements to your potential partner and don’t stop trying.

3. How to present myself?
Since it may have been a while since you last tried to impress a romantic interest, it is necessary to think about the way you want others to view you. It’s important to focus on the present and future when meeting someone new. As long as you be yourself and show interest in the person you’re seeing, the rest should take care of itself.

Don’t be afraid to start and remember that it’s never too late to find your One and Only!

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7 thoughts on “Questions Seniors Should Ask Themselves before Dating Again”

  • I think that the seniors are smart enough to learn from their mistakes! besides, they are not so unreasoning as youth, and won’t thoughtlessly plunge into a new adventure 🙂

  • but still, they rely on their so called experience and do not bother that much about the way things can be made better! they do not get thoroughly prepared to the dates, they think they are mature enough to to that!!!

  • when presenting yourself, try not to load your mates with your thought and past problems, better concentrate on the present and future and feel at ease!. that will help you both to relax and to realize that dating makes sense for you! ))

  • there’s one more thing to pay attention to: people put too much emphasis on a spark.instead it’s better to focus on someone who has the long lasting characteristics you would like to see in your life partner! actually, you already have a history of being unfulfilled in relationships, so it’s even better to avoid people with whom you feel a spark

  • important thing about these questions is to cling to your answers! cuz if you change them immediately after you see a man, thinking that it’s ok and wouldn’t harm, you risk to end up in the same situation – abandoned and lonely!

  • better to give away all those youth disillusions! the real purpose of senior dating is to provide support for each other, so each partner can accomplish their own goals in the world. I love this, because if I think this way I’m not tempted to rush into a relationship!

  • if you are really serious about dating people it’s better to go out with those who have the same strong prospects about it! then start as you mean to go on, stop if a guy wouldn’t support your intentions! don’t waste your time!

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