Online Dating? Why Not?

Online Dating? Why Not?

Although, the question if online dating really does what it promises is still relevant, the statistics proves that it remains one of the most effective tools in coupling people. So, let’s take a look at some new online dating data. Do you know that:

  • There are no gender differences when it comes to profile exaggerating. Both men and women tend to lie about their age, financial status, living conditions and, of course, their weight. But don’t worry it happens no more frequent than in a real life where we also may face the same problems (except for the dramatic weight exaggerating of course).
  • The online dating market has boosted from a $900 million in 2007 to a $1.9 billion in 2012.
  • Couples who found each other online usually get married in about 18 month after their first meeting in person. And couple who met offline spend together for about 40 months before wearing wedding rings.
  • Since 2006, more than 16% of married couples have met by using one of inline dating services.

Thus, before rejecting one more offer from someone met online, just think that you are losing a wonderful possibility to meet a faithful partner or a good friend who’ll be glad to share his/her life with you. Just be cautious and listen to your heart. Good luck!

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9 thoughts on “Online Dating? Why Not?”

  • I think this is just because of the motivation. People who look for someone online tend to find a long term partner for serious relationships, thus meeting someone special they don’t want to wait for a long time. By the way there are tons of middle aged people who know what they want and have previous experience of relationships – so they just hurry to live:))

  • sometimes even 10 years are not enough to learn the person you live together, believe I’ve been there, done that… By the way people change with time, and the person you got to know a year ago may become have an absolutely different person now..

  • You know love hurts – always hurts. And if you really want to meet your one and only you should be prepared for disappointments and unpleasant surprises.

  • it’s unexpected to learn that people who meet each other offline go out for abot 40 month before getting married, hmmm what does it depend on???

  • There not so many cases of really dramatic lies. As people who really want meet someone for long period relationships won’t lie about their age or financial status as sooner or later the lies will come out there won’t be any chances for building any relationships with the person they wanted.

  • no one has any guarantees, this is life, so if you always are afraid to start new relationships just because the person you love may change – you’ll never build any.

  • I think this is very individual for each very couple how long they are to date before getting married, as for me I wouldn’t wait for so long – I think that 12 months are more than enough to realise whether this is the right person for you or not…

  • As for me, I’m more worried about the exaggerration on users’ profiles. I wouldn’t want to meet a middle aged fat chick instead of a hot girl from the profile picture:)

  • being hurt once it’s very difficult to start new relationships and believe someone else, I know what I’m talking about, but yes, if you really want to start a new life with a new person you’ll have to learn believe in people once again, though you may make a mistake one more time. Life is a very complicated thing you know:)

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