Online Dating Myths

Online Dating Myths

Today online dating has become very popular all over the world. The time when looking for a partner on the Internet could make you seem a dating looser has already passed. But some myths and preconceptions are still alive although they require total reconsideration. Just let us take a look at some of them.

Physically attractive people hardly use online dating services

It’s absolutely false. Nowadays even extremely attractive men and women willingly use virtual dating services. In our modern life it becomes harder and harder to find free time for the offline dating, and here dating websites can really help. Due to them one don’t need to spend a lot of time planning where to go or what to wear – you just switch on your PC or a laptop and enter the world of dating.

Dating websites enjoy their popularity among desperate people
This myth is nonsense. To call people who prefer a comfortable armchair and a cup of tea in front of the monitor to smoke-filled noisy bars is absurd. They are just sick and tired of overcrowded public places. So why suffer in a bar among drunk people and clouds of smoke instead of staying at home and looking for your life online.

Online dating is only for losers
If you go to any reliable online dating website you’ll see how many successful businessmen, doctors, lawyers and many others are registered there. Do you call such people losers? I think not. You are likely to meet successful people online rather than in a local pub.

Not everyone can afford online dating as it’s too expensive
No one is going to argue that not all matchmaking websites are free. We should admit that some of them offer their services at not very reasonable prices. Fortunately there are a lot of reliable online dating networks which basic services are absolutely free and even VIP services on these sites cost no more than a cup of coffee every month.

Long distance relationships have no future
There is a myth that it’s absolutely impossible to develop long distance relationships for a certain period of time as without a live visual offline contact they won’t work out.
But modern studies in the sphere of online dating show that such relationships are likely to last longer and be stronger than offline ones. There are hundreds of examples when users find their husbands and wives on the pages of online dating services.

People who visit online dating pages only look for sex
This is one of the most common misconceptions connected with the world of online dating. Of course there are a lot of users who search for a sexual partner. But what about all those people who want to find a soulmate for a long-term relationship or even marriage? What about all those who just need a friend or a partner to discuss a certain topic like politics, health etc.?

Only young people use online dating services
Maybe some time ago this assumption was true. But nowadays not only youngsters have wherewithal to browse through matchmaking networks. Today you hardly imagine an average middle-aged man or a woman who would be computer illiterate. And according to some sociological data, they apply for the help of online dating services even more often than young people do.

It’s just a waste of time
They say that online dating takes too much our time when we selflessly browse through numerous users’ profiles. But in reality today it only takes us a couple of minutes to create a dating account or to upload a photo. The same story is with looking through other online daters’ profiles. Moreover, internet dating websites always develop their navigation, implement new functions and technologies in order to make internet surfing quick and easy.

No one feels safe while looking for a partner online
According to this myth being online we constantly stay at a great risk of becoming the victims of online scammers. But this is just partially true. It goes without saying that Internet is full of dating swindlers, but if you take all the measures of precaution you have no chances to get into their trap – just be attentive and don’t share your private information.

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6 thoughts on “Online Dating Myths”

  • It’s obvious, a hundred years ago illiterate people were afraid of cars LOL Online dating industry is being developed and improved all the time to make internet matchmaking a safe and effective way of meeting new people

  • yeah, people are always not very friendly to everything new, the same was with social networking and online dating, but I see nothing bad if you try using all the methods to find your soulmate.

  • I doubt if there are any people who still beleive in all this trash! We are just a generation with new ways of communication. It’s just about progress and that’s it 🙂

  • Why not combine different methods of communication? who prevents you from communicating offline and at the same time use internet to increase your chances?

  • Beleive all these misconceptions were born when online dating looked like an innovasion plus internet users at that time have less opportunities, but today everything has dramatically changed – both youngsters and mature people have nothing against looking for a partner online, as it’s easy and quick.

  • in order to succed in online dating we should be very cautious and attentive in order not become dating freaks. And I agree that there is nothing impossible. For me online dating is just one of the ways to meet new people.

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