Offline Dating

Offline Dating

It goes without saying that social media have brought unlimited possibilities of communication with the entire world to our life, but being stuck on the Internet it’s easy to forget about our good manners. As we don’t need to involve them much while writing short messages or posting smiles.

But online dating is absolutely another story. Sometimes all these modern technologies created to connect people can mislead us. Using a webcam we seem to become too close to our would-be dates. Now we know for sure what his/her room looks like, what our partner eats, what music he/she listens to, what movies watches etc. And it may give us a false sense of closeness; it seems to us we know everything about our online date. But in reality reading messages or watching profile photos is not enough to get to know the person well. And in this situation the best way to develop online relationship is to meet with your partner in person.

Therefore before start to daydream about your potential soulmate, try to learn about him/her as much as you can and then fix an offline date. As everyone knows that seeing once is better than hearing twice.

P.S. And remember about dating etiquette. You are going to impress you date, aren’t you?

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