New Online Dating Facts

New Online Dating Facts

In this article we want to share some statistical data gathered by one of the leading providers of Internet research Nielsen NetRatings Company.
The online dating research was conducted in order to check how dating works in the 21st Century.

  • It occurred that nowadays each third user is looking for his/her would-be partner on the pages of numerous online dating services
  • Seeking for a perfect match on the Internet is one of three most popular dating search methods

These days you won’t surprise anyone saying that you are going to look for a friend or a partner for a long-term relationship or even marriage online. It goes without saying that no other method of meeting new people can outperform online dating in the number of opportunities it gives to any user, as the Internet knows no boundaries or limits.

Moreover, looking for the partner online you get one more extra advantage – no help from friends is required. You have a permanent access to dating websites 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – it’s much more convenient than trying to find friends to accompany you to a night club or a bar each time you want to meet someone.

Here some interesting facts about men and women who try to find their soulmates on the Internet

  • Most women pay greater attention to the profile information and are more likely to contact someone just being based on the verbal description.
  • Men are most likely to contact someone if they are attracted by the profile photo of the user.
  • Income and all financial aspects are much more important to women than to men.
  • Men find online dating convenient mainly because of the ability to send emails and private messages to the users they find attractive.
  • Women in their turn are eager to take advantage of the opportunity to pre-screen their potential partners basing on the personal info they provide.

What are the crucial factors in choosing the partner online?

1. Attractive profile pictures – 74%
2. The descriptive information about the user – 70%
3. Interesting hobbies and pastimes – 60%
4. Age – 54%
5. Location – 46%
6. Education Level – 24%
7. Profession -15%
8. Job – 14%
9. Finance – 5%

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