Meetville Reveals Surprising Dating and Relationship Facts

Meetville Reveals Surprising Dating and Relationship Facts

Meetville, that is well-known for connecting hearts, is now giving its users food for thought revealing surprising dating and relationship facts on the social media pages.

Every fact is a valuable piece of information that will help Meetville’s users better understand relationship chemistry and improve their dating experience.

For example, do you break your head over how to dress for a date? Here is a hint: 67% of women are more attracted to men who wear blue.


Love beer? Hold on, girl, 35% of men think their “dream woman” will drink wine.


Wonder if your date was successful? If a guy hasn’t called within 24 hours after a first date, there is only a 12%-chance he will contact you at all.


Can’t wait to learn more? Use hashtags #relationships #facts #meetville and search for our helpful dating advice right now!

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