Meeting Offline for the First Time

Meeting Offline for the First Time

So you’re sure to have found the one and only after 5-10 online conversations, but before rushing right out to meet the person you like offline, keep in mind these little things you should know before your first date.

The first and most important rule is to keep yourself safe and the best thing here is to meet in a public place (preferably during the daylight hours). To meet a perfect stranger in the dark night where there’s noone else around sounds romantic, but too risky.

Do not let your partner pick you up at home and arrange for your own transportation to the agreed upon place. Make sure you have a full tank of gas in case you need to make a getaway.

Arrive a little earlier,so you could take stock of the environment. Take note of where the doors are and find the nearest pay phone. If the person makes you feel uneasy or you just plain don’t like them, don’t feel bad about leaving. After all, your safety comes first.

Go somewhere with a lot of people around. A local café or anart gallery would be an ideal place for your first date. Bad things are less likely to happen if there’s a crowd around you.

Tell a family member or friend where you’re going and what time your meeting is. That way if anything should happen, they’ll know where to find you.

Steer the conversation away from personal details – you’re meeting this person for the first time so try not to reveal specific things about your life. Keep it general – at least for now.

If possible, avoid drinking alcohol – it could affect your judgment and lessen inhibitions. If you are drinking, keep the drink in your sight all the time and do not get too drunk.

Finally, just be alert and trust your own instincts. Try to relax and enjoy this first meeting, but don’t let your guard down too much. Safety is your first concern – for both you and your date.

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3 thoughts on “Meeting Offline for the First Time”

  • actially the first date is a kind of a war! and I once found myself in the heart of a battle! when my date was driving me home (not right ot my house, I asked him to drive me to the subway) he went some other way which frightened me pretty much! I was already imagining the rape scenes and screaming for help, when your car was attacked by some other car. finally he had to stop and two big guys attacked us! my mace saved our lives and after that we became much closer!

  • hey, these tips are really for women only! they make men look like some murderers and scams! I’m not like that and I’m not going to hurt a woman! I just want to meet her

  • I always feel so awkward and eambarrased when seing a person for the first time offline 🙁 it seems to me that I become a clumsy duck, and all those safety tips will be of no use, cause the only thing I can keep in mind is “oh my god, what shouls I do|say” 🙁

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