Matchmaking Websites and Marriage

Matchmaking Websites and Marriage

Do you remember your attitude to dating websites when they just started to appear? At first we thought it was useless to spend time online trying to find a perfect match for love and romance. But everything has changed a lot since then. Now we see – they really work! According to the research conducted by the consumer group Wich?, about 20% of the daters who used online dating services have married the partner they met online. Moreover more than 50% of the testees had been on a date with a woman or a man they met on the Internet.

I suppose today this news doesn’t sound too surprising. However, unfortunately there are still some risks of being trapped by online dating scammers or meeting other Internet rabble. But do you think you have fewer chances to meet such people at a local bar, for example? It’s much better to complete special which are provided by different dating services and check your compatibility with a would-be partner before meeting him/her offlline.

This careful selection of a partner allows one to bypass all the people who aren’t compatible with you. Why waste your time when you just can find a really perfect match without any stress? I don’t want to persuade you that such kind of tests is panacea for all online single users, but anyway this is one more really good opportunity to find someone special.

Therefore, there is nothing strange that tons of people today prefer online dating with all its advantages to a traditional dating in public places. So, does anyone still have anything against online dating? I’m sure – not. But just like on offline dates don’t forget about the measures of precaution and everything will be great. If you have the experience of dating online and have some ideas to share – let us know in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “Matchmaking Websites and Marriage”

  • Also know what you are looking for in a spouse, and prioritize your interests: a good match will not put worldly goals like wealth and looks over spirituality and character traits.

  • actually it depends… and we have the same chances to meet our soulmate either online or offline. our world is full of prejudices and misconceptions and I don’t know why there are still a lot of people who concider online dating ineffective or even dangerous. Hey, look around! We live in the 21 century!

  • From finding past lovers or old school friends to making new ones, these social networking sites make possibilities limitless over the internet.

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