Long-Distance Relationship Dos and Don’ts

Long-Distance Relationship Dos and Don’ts

We believe that among our readers, many women and men are open to communication. They make new acquaintances on tourist or business trips, while studying abroad or even online. Such acquaintances can lead to long-distance relationships. But for many of us, relationships at a distance can be a difficult test. And it may take a lot of effort and optimism to change a temporary long-distance relationship into a permanent strong love union. So, here are some dos and don’ts that can help you make your bond and relationship stronger.

Do: Communicate

Of course, using a variety of messengers is much more convenient than Skype/Zoom – you can stay in touch all day long. But still, it is advisable to use video calls, not messages. In correspondence, it is impossible to accurately convey the intonation, even if you have been together for a long time and know each other perfectly. In a telephone conversation, you also don’t see each other’s facial expressions – and here you lose a lot too. 

Don’t: Forget to express your feelings

You can get bored of writing cute messages during the second week. It’s also quite challenging to express tenderness and feelings via audio or video calls. But it’s important to understand that you need it. You have already lost a considerable stratum in a relationship – lovers express most of their feelings non-verbally by holding hands, hugging, and kissing. While you are deprived of this opportunity, you will need to fill up the tenderness with words.

Do: Meet regularly

It is clear that the frequency of your meetings depends on many factors: distance, your study or work schedule, and finances. But you must establish a schedule of meetings on the principle of “no less than.” Will it be possible to meet only six months later? Even so, you must know for sure that this meeting will take place. Arrange in advance – this is an essential piece of advice for a long-distance relationship.

Don’t: Lie to each other

Lying in a distance relationship is extremely convenient because the partner will never know that you lied. The problem is that you can get used to it. When you meet again, it will be difficult to stop lying or hiding any uncomfortable moments. Of course, you can’t check whether your partner is lying to you. But at least you shouldn’t do that. 

Do: Do something together

Fortunately, modern communication tools allow you to do many things together in real-time. For example, you can choose products for dinner, do cleaning and cook via Skype, or Zoom. It will bring you closer because it creates the illusion of presence and solves the problem “we have nothing to talk about.”

Don’t: Be jealous

Is it possible not to be jealous while in a relationship at a distance? Jealousy is generally difficult to fight, but in relationships at a distance, it is practically impossible. Therefore, there is no need to start – psychologists give such advice about relationships at a distance. All you can do is trust your partner. There are no other options. This should be taken for granted. If you are not ready – it is better to break up.

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