Life Partners: to Choose or Not to Choose?

Life Partners: to Choose or Not to Choose?

The overwhelming majority of people who come to online dating services are single and look for a life partner. Of course, it’s not an easy thing to find someone special who’d make your life complete. But sometimes it happens that it’s much better to be single than to face the problem of choosing between two partners. Before making any decisions stop and carefully weigh all the pros and cons of staying with one of them. Unfortunately, it’s much easier said than done, I see. Sometimes it may take you years to choose your one and only and stay with him or her. Here you’ll find some tips that may help you realize what you really need in your partner and alleviate your torture of choosing.

  • Compare their temperaments

Who of them is more compatible with you? They say opposites may attract, but everything is absolutely individual and who knows maybe this is not about you. Define what you want from your partner and what qualities he or she should possess.

  • Carefully evaluate your life expectations

Whether you want to have children soon, your religious backgrounds, your vision of the future family etc. Whose life expectations are closer to yours?

  • Ask your friends or family for advice

There are no people who know you better, and of course they all wish you were happy. So, there are no reasons not to trust them, but keep n mnd that you shouldn’t blindly follow their tips of advice. The final decision must be yours.

  • Examine your feelings about your would be partners’ families and friends

Up-bringing is a very important factor that has a great impact on our beliefs and values. Try to find out about their families as much as possible. Are their relationships healthy? Moreover, keep in mind that you may spend a lot of time with them in future.

And finally, if you’ve already taken all the steps enumerated and still don’t know who is your one and only, then maybe you need neither of them?

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7 thoughts on “Life Partners: to Choose or Not to Choose?”

  • Make a list of things that are good and bad. Get a close watch on both of them, see how they act to other girls. Remember when you chose and you don´t like the guy you can always chose another. Try both, if you know he has got a girl and they brake up get in touch with her, ask her what happened….avoid it then.

  • A good time isn’t always the best. Go with the one you have feelings for and the one you think cares about you! Consider the feelings of both though and try to go through this period in your relationship without hurting anyone.

  • Best advice I was given was to flip a coin. Because when that coin is up in the air you know what your heart is secretly hoping for 🙂 hope that helps xx

  • totally agree! One should choose the second one, because you wouldn’t have started to like him if you liked the 1st one so much. You can’t just pick and drop lads like toys fgs.

  • I always choose the second guy because if you really loved the first, you wouldn’t of ‘fallen’ for the second.

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