Let Your Inner Beauty Come out!

Let Your Inner Beauty Come out!

Are you dissatisfied with your reflection in the mirror? Do you have a feeling that your friends are more successful in life and love because of their attractiveness? In most cases our ugliness lives just in our head and in our self perception. And even if not – it also can be overcome.

What to Do

Smile. It may sound trivial, but smile is really making magic! This is in our nature – we smile when we are happy and this in its turn arouses positive emotions in people we communicate with. And now just think – can we consider someone ugly or unattractive if he/she is associated with positive emotions?

Believe in yourself. No one will think you are ugly if you don’t think so. People always feel if you are self-doubtful as it influences your behavior. So why should they treat you as an attractive person if you yourself don’t believe in your uniqueness? And if you want other people to treat you as a beauty – love yourself and start presenting yourself accordingly.

Look nice. Look in the mirror. What do you see there? Don’t you think that it’s high time to change something? People with low self esteem often suffer from the fear of being rejected, so they try to wear clothes that can hide their “ugliness” from others and make them almost invisible in the crowd. But who said that if you draw ones attention – their reaction will be negative? Don’t hesitate, go and buy that read dress you’ve been dreaming about, or that bright T-shirt with a funny print. Change your haircut – there are a lot of professionals who will help you find your own image. Don’t be afraid of experiments!

Remember that people who believe in themselves sooner or later make their dreams come true!

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4 thoughts on “Let Your Inner Beauty Come out!”

  • I sure think real beauty is only on the inside. Pretty much anyway nowdays can be beautiful, you can change your whole image, not to mention gender! But being beautiful to me is even if you know your not the prettiest flower, go out and be confident and true and not care. Do service, good works, and most importantly, be kind to yourself and others. Someday someone will see the “pretty flower” you are and love you because of it.
    Anyone can be beautiful on the outside. It takes a true heart to be beautiful on the inside.

  • Most people are shallow. However, outer beauty is fleeting. Inner beauty perseveres through the years. If you’re ugly because of decisions you made like smoking, bad diet, or lack of exersize, that’s ugliness on the inside and out.

  • Although outer beauty seems to be appreciated most by people, I feel that inner beauty is more important. While someone may be easy on the eyes, nothing beats kindness and generosity.

  • Everybody feels ugly at times. I promise that I always look for something pretty in ppl even if I don’t like them b/c it makes me realize all the different forms of beauty. Everybody is beautiful in one way or another and so r u. Love yourself for you since ur special. Accept yourself. Your perfect for who you are and you should never forget or question that!

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