Ladies Who Found Love Online

Ladies Who Found Love Online

There are so many options in today’s world for finding a relationship that it seems pointless to limit yourself to the old tried and true methods of meeting your soul mate.  If you want to use the internet to make a love connection, be aware of not only the multitude of excellent dating sites available, but also online communities as well as sites for specific interests, or niche sites.

Here are the stories of five ladies who used the internet to their advantage and found love, and bit of advice from each.

Lucia says she looked for love for twenty years with no success.  She had never before considered online dating, but within two months of joining her chosen internet dating site, she found her life partner.  They both feel as if they were made for each other, and neither has ever been happier.

Lucia’s message is to never give up hope.  She feels that everyone has the right to be happy and no matter what a person may be looking for in a partner, there is someone out there for them.  Her advice is to never stop looking until you find your other half.

Joyce had recently relocated to her hometown to be close to her sons. Aged 55, and widowed for five years, she could not envision herself spending the rest of her life alone.  Two months after signing up on a dating site, she “winked” at the man she has been married to for the past seven years.  He was her first date, and her last. After emails, telephone conversations and a first date on August 8, 2006, they married in front of friends and family on May 25, 2007.

Joyce’s advice for online success is simple; complete honesty in all things.

Lauren didn’t use an online dating service to find her fiancée, but she did sign up on a website that lists hundreds of local groups by interests. She was then able to become a member of any number of singles outdoor activities clubs, or meets, in her area. She enjoys hiking, kayaking, camping and other outdoor activities.  Though her goal was to meet other singles and participate in the group outings, she soon found herself drawn to the man to whom she is now engaged.  She says they began as friends and hiking buddies, but it soon became apparent that they were a love match in the making.  He had been planning a solo hike along the Appalachian Trail, but that solo hike turned into a hike for two, and they have been planning a life together ever since.

Lauren said she felt that meeting her life partner was a case of being in the right place at the right time and following her own passions while remaining open to new experiences and possibilities. Basically, her advice is to put yourself in a position to meet singles who share your interests and lifestyle, while engaging in activities that you enjoy.

Hannah met her longtime love on a website community that encourages members to share life experiences.  Though she never considered online dating, nor was it her intent to find a love match in the community, she realized that she was spending a lot of her time communicating with one gentleman in particular.  After five months they agreed to meet, and seven months later they were living together in their own home. They have been together for five years now.

Hannah’s advice is to never close yourself off from any possibilities.  You and your partner may not be perfect, but you may be perfect together.

Heather is a professional young woman whose busy career left her little time to focus on a serious relationship.  As more of her friends married and started families, her family began pushing her to try online dating.  She agreed to sign a six month contract for a popular dating website. While Heather enjoyed dating and meeting some really nice guys, she just didn’t feel any sparks with the men she met.  She decided to let her dating site membership expire.  When she kept getting emails from potential daters after her contract expiration date she was going totally confused; then she remembered that the membership would automatically renew unless she cancelled.  In the group of emails she received after she thought she was finished with online dating, she found an email from her future husband. One date was all it took for the fireworks to ignite. And one email was all it took to change her life.

Heather’s advice is easy.  Give the website a chance and don’t be in a big rush.  She says it’s scary to think about never receiving her husband’s email, and how close she came to missing the chance to meet the man of her dreams.

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