Is It a Date or Are You Still in the Friend Zone? 4 Signs to Look For

Is It a Date or Are You Still in the Friend Zone? 4 Signs to Look For

Are you in the friend zone? Are you wondering if you are spending time together solely as friends or if there is the potential for more? These are questions that so many people go through while they move throughout the courting phase of a relationship.

Knowing if you are in the friend zone or if there is the possibility for something more can be a tricky situation to navigate. If you’re not sure then you don’t want to be the one to make the first move. Play it cool, wait to see what transpires, but be ready for anything and with low expectations. That can help you to see the situation for what it is, and to know if this is just a friendship or there is a spark of chemistry between you.

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So, if you have any sign of a doubt in your relationship, ask yourself these 4 questions to see whether you have a chance to move your relationship forward.


Has there been any chemistry between you two?

It’s that spark that you can’t even put into words. When you cross that line into more than just friends, you can often feel it before you even articulate it. If you take a step back is there something brewing between you two that you can’t even put into words? It may be some sort of chemistry that’s undeniable then it’s likely more than just friends. If you don’t feel that or sense any interest, then that may give you the answer that you may not want to face.


Is there any talk about or the future?

If you’re in doubt then think about the times that you have talked about relationships. This may be about past or future relationships or what you want in somebody. If you talk freely and you feel as if they are giving off hints about you, then it may be worth exploring. If they only ever talk about other people, then chances are that they have never considered you as anything more than a friend. Look at the types of talks that you’ve had and there may be clues there either way.

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Are you attracted to each other and is there flirting?

You can usually identify or pinpoint flirting when it’s happening. Even if you never really thought of it that way, there still may be something there. Take a look at the way that you interact with each other—is there some possible attraction beneath the surface? Are you drawn to each other and able to talk to each other on a different level? There are often clues that can’t be ignored. That’s what you have to pinpoint if you are to even consider the possibility of more than friends.


Have you ever had any “friend talk” that could hold you back from something further?

If you are in the friend zone then you have likely had a talk about being such good friends. Note if they have repeatedly referred to you as their friend or come to you for relationship advice, this may be sending a message. If they think of you as a brother or sister then they likely aren’t into you romantically. The friend zone is often very apparent so be sure that you are honest with yourself if these conversations have presented themselves.

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