Is America to Blame for the Current Crisis in Iraq?

Is America to Blame for the Current Crisis in Iraq?

Majority believe the U.S. is not responsible for what is happening now in Iraq. That was revealed in a poll, where (dating app to find the right person) asked people to respond to the question: “Is the U.S. responsible for today’s terrorism and chaos in Iraq?”

The poll, conducted between 7/26/14 and 9/22/14, yielded the following results: 48% of respondents blame the U.S. and 52% oppose this position.

Secretary of State John Kerry said the U.S is not responsible for the current state of affairs in Iraq: “The United States shed blood and worked hard for years to provide Iraqis the opportunity to have their own government. We would like them to find leadership that is prepared to represent all of the people of Iraq, and focus on the real danger at this moment from an external source which is ISIS.”

Respondents numbered 31,055. From the USA – 56%, from Canada – 4%, from Britain – 11%, from Australia – 7% and from other countries – 22%.

According to Alex Cusper, Meetville service analyst, “the U.S. is gradually gaining support from other countries in dealing with Islamic State. Due to the recent terroristic actions towards American journalists and nation as a whole, the U.S. is taking military actions,which are now more justified by other countries, frightened by a common threat.”

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