How to Write Great Love Letters

How to Write Great Love Letters

Love letters are time immemorial and seem to be the best gift any lover can ever give or get. Surprisingly, but most people underestimate the power of a good love letter. When you write a letter, it’s a one sided conversation, expressing the romantic feelings that one experiences because of the thoughts of another special person, it’s more than just words. Knowing how to write a love letter is like understanding the art of seducing and melting a heart with precious words. And if you need some help with writing love letters, here are a few basic tips on how to get going.

  • Be yourself

Don’t try to get too typecast with cliché lines. This is about how you feel about person. Be as real as you can. It helps when you think about how your lover makes you feel as you are writing. This will bring out what you truly want to say.

  • Write on real paper

Emails are convenient, but your sweetie will cherish your letter way more if he or she can actually hold it. Don’t just type it and print it out, either. Handwriting is more personal and intimate.

  • Don’t ramble

You might feel like a champ for writing a love letter that takes up 10 whole pages, but ramblings are hard to read. Stick to clear, concise points and don’t intend to write a huge poem.

  • Just list what you like about him or her

Love letters don’t have to be written in paragraphs. If it’s easier for you, just make a list of all those little things you love about your sweetie – like the way they laugh, or the way they can always tell the mood you’re in just from your texts. The more specific, the better.

  • Throw in tons of compliments

We repeat again that all love compliments! So make sure you go generous, but don’t overdo it. Talk about how your lover inspires you to do things you’ve never tried before. The closer you get to saying what you truly feel, the better it will sound.

  • Check yourspelling

Don’t be in a hurry and mind your grammar, since love letters are so long-lasting (your lover might hold onto yours for years), it’s doubly important to check for spelling errors. Don’t forget that writing a love letter is just about putting across what you feel on paper. It doesn’t have to get complicated. The more real your feelings are, the easier it is to write.

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4 thoughts on “How to Write Great Love Letters”

  • oh, love letters are so cute! I think it’s a way better things than the longest e-mail or an everyday chat with your mate. don’t forget about love letters. they really work miracles

  • do people still write them? i mean I did that when I was a young girl and I received love letters, bit I haven’t even heard about it being popular among the youth!

  • oh, I love writing love letters! i not only write down my thought, I also draw them down 🙂 I mean I make little pictures here and there throughout the letter

  • if the woman really loves you, she’ll be entertained (not irritated) to ‘decipher’ your handwriting. personally I always asked my bf to write anything to me. and the more awful their handwriting was, the more interested in it I was! 🙂

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