How to Talk to a Guy and Win Him Over

How to Talk to a Guy and Win Him Over

You want him to be interested in you, but how do you make that happen? Though it may seem like a tall order, the truth is that you can get him interested by trying a little bit less. Allow him to come to you and chat him up, but do leave something to the imagination. If you can find that true balance then you are going to win him over and have some fun in the process which is a true win-win!

1. Be flirty but never provocative: So many women think that they have to try hard to be flirtatious. Men don’t want a woman who comes too easy. He wants a bit of a challenge and he wants a woman who keeps things interesting.

It pays to remember that for it shows that you are the type of woman who knows how to flirt and have fun, but who also doesn’t feel the need to lay all of your cards on the table. Keep that in mind for flirty is enough and provocative or promiscuous is usually way too over the top for his liking.

2. Make him laugh and you will instantly win him over: Men absolutely love a woman who can make them laugh. You don’t have to tell “knock knock” jokes to be funny. Be in tune with your inner sense of humor and your confidence, and this will take you far.

Though we may not all be instantly hilarious, if you can get a smile or a laugh out of him you are in. This is a really important trait to men and it shows that you are living life and loving it too.

3. Be yourself or he’ll see right through it: The last thing that a guy wants to see is a fake girl. Believe it or not, if you are trying too hard or trying to be somebody that you are not, he is likely to see right through it.

You don’t want to be this person because it’s fake, insincere, and shows desperation. Instead, be yourself and own that! Let him see all that you have to offer simply by being who you are. The right guy will love this sincerity and the rest will be history.

4. Keep it light and stay somewhat mysterious: Men love a bit of a challenge and you have to showcase this for him to see. He needs to see that you are not going to just fall into his lap and become dependent.

He wants to see that you keep things light and interesting, but yet that you leave something to the imagination. If he is compelled to learn more about you at a later date, then you have truly won him over. A slight bit of mystery can go a long way in winning him over and showing him that you are a great catch.

You don’t have to try that hard, and perhaps that’s the most important lesson here. If you can talk to him and keep things interesting early on, then you are going to win him over with very little effort. Do remember that you have to make him work for things a bit too, and that distinction may make all the difference in the world for you.

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