How to Handle Annoying Dating Tips?

How to Handle Annoying Dating Tips?

I bet, everyone at least once has got dating advice from friends or relatives. Yes, they all want to help you and make your dating life better. But there is nothing more frustrating and annoying than getting such tips daily. Especially if some of these tips are not as good as their givers consider them to be. That’s why we’ve prepared for you some rules that will help you to navigate the sea of numerous dating tips:

Stay away from negative dating assumptions. In case your friends tend to constantly criticize your dating habits, maybe it’s better to ask for advice someone else? Of course, you are not always right and sometimes you do choose people who are obviously not for you. But if your friends or relatives keep on commenting all your steps in a negative way, then try to get advice from the “outside”.

Find out if your friends are happy in their own relationships. It happens that sometimes people who are fond of giving tons of “useful” tips of advice to others don’t follow them in their own life. Listen to only those friends who’ve managed to build healthy relationships with their partners. And if your friend is in the same boat with you, then he/she is hardly to be a good advisor.

Be ready for changes. You know, even bitter truth is always better than the sweetest lies. Sometimes the truth can hurt you, but it only indicates that it’s time to change something in your life. Who knows, maybe you really repeat one and the same dating mistakes for years? You can’t change the people you go out with, but you can change your approach to dating. Stop for a moment and look around, and it may appear that you just need to change something in yourself.

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6 thoughts on “How to Handle Annoying Dating Tips?”

  • Here are my top worst dating tips: believe him when he says he loves you and he’ll call, do whatever he suggests. Dress slutty, leave your drink unattended. Meet an internet guy somewhere private, public meetings are for paranoiacs. LOL

  • The tip that annoys me most of all is cook for a guy! But I don’t have to cook for a guy that I’m dating. I don’t know nothing about this guy to be sitting here and cooking for him. He needs to earn that. If he wants me to cook for him, he’ll make me his girl. It’s like the old saying goes, why buy the cow when you can get the chicken cooked for free.

  • Annoying dating tips for a Guy?
    Be nice to her, nod at everything she says, be enthusiastic about what she talks about, buy her gifts right and left.. ….. the list never ends)))

  • Just because someone gives you advice, you don’t have to take it. I can’t believe why it would annoy anyone so much.

  • Bad dating tips would be to complain about everything the whole evening and expect the person you are with to spend every dime in his pocket.

  • Being physical (that is, intimate) with them on any date…. Always avoid that because it could mean that they’re simply after your body or after the intimacy….. not necessarily after you as a good person.

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