How to Get a Survey or an Infographic in Meetville Polls

How to Get a Survey or an Infographic in Meetville Polls

Interested in topic but it requires unique data or people’s opinion that are not always easy to find? You can ease the search or solve the problem with a simple and reliable service Meetville Polls – a constantly growing base of surveys that reflect people’s opinions on different topics: sex, relationships, health, society, etc.

What is Meetville Polls? Meetville is a mobile dating company that helps everybody to find people with the same values and interests. To find the one «like you and you like» people answer hundreds of questions every day. It explains a wide range of issues and the authenticity of facts and data.

How can Meetville Polls be useful for media? Journalists tell us the question or topic of their interest. We hold the poll among our 15 mln. audience and provide them with the results absolutely for free. Usually there’re first results in 3-5 days.

If you’d need unique statistics for your article, contact Maria Quinn.

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