How to Forget Your Ex

How to Forget Your Ex

After breaking up most people are having a hard time to forget about their ex, this is because in their mind they still have thoughts about the ex relationship. Here are some of the important things that you must bear in mind to be able to forget your ex and move on easily.

  • Accept that relationship is over

You will never be able to move on after a break up if you still cling to the possibility of getting back with your ex. Don’t dwell too much on the past and learn to accept that it’s over. You forget your ex if you are in the proper state of mind. Focus on what you can do to become a better person without your ex.

  • Refrain from reliving moments

Try to avoid all special places you went together, special songs or anything else that will trigger happy moments together. This is one of the most important steps in trying to set free from thoughts about your ex.

  • Get rid of the mementos

Try to hide all photos, gifts and other reminders of the time you spent as the couple. Keeping photos of your ex all around the house will just keep you remembering him every 5 minutes and will prolong your efforts to forget your ex. Do yourself a favor and put all mementos away.

  • Change your surroundings

There are simple things like rearranging your room and your clothes that can help you feel the spirit of new life. Don’t be afraid of changes and stop crying over spilled milk.

  • Keep yourself occupied

It’s important to keep yourself busy when you’re trying to forget your ex. Try physical activities or go to the gym, try swimming, jogging or just doing something that you enjoy, but couldn’t do when your ex was around!

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5 thoughts on “How to Forget Your Ex”

  • the first point is the very thing I do when a woman breaks up with me. it’s her decision and I don’t give any chance to get back if she regrets or if I feel like getting back.

  • personally I get busy really busy with something. let it be job, new hobby or whatever else. having to set all my thoughts to this or that task helps me to succeed in it and get over the ex. so, don’t just sit at home thinking and crying, go out and do stuff! 🙂

  • I think each of up has been through this, and we are all alive. what I say is that no one died of a broken heard and it healed. so, pull yourself together and be patient. but the idea of getting rid of every reminder is the pest tip ever.

  • well I can say that it’s almost impossible to get completely over one’s ex, especially if you shared much during the time you were together – housing, finance, duties and so on. there will always be some memories and thoughts in one’s mind

  • easier said than done. if I’m in relationships with anyone, it means that I really love this guy with all my heart. and forgetting him will be not an easy thing to do.

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