How to date a man: dating tips for women by men

How to date a man: dating tips for women by men

They say: women are difficult to understand. But the truth is that men are not much more understandable in a relationship. There are a lot of delicate moments while dating a man, so that’s why here we got some tips made by men that would help women to impress their partner.

Don’t drink too much on a first date

You might be nervous, so you would think that drinking glass or two before a date would be a good idea. Well, actually no. If your relationship would go any further, you’d have plenty of opportunities to go wild. But coming drunk on a first date would not give the right impression to a man.

Come up with date ideas yourself

Who said that men should always impress women? Sometimes it’s really hard for a man to come up with new and creative date idea, so it wouldn’t hurt if a woman would also think how to make this date special. Actually, it’s not that difficult at all! For example, if you live in New York, you just need to search for the best attractions, restaurants, parks, theaters in the city. Find your city on our local dating page and get the most amazing ideas for your date in a few seconds.

Don’t call him everyday

Getting calls a couple times a day to “just check in” is definitely not what a man would like. Especially if you are just in the beginning of your relationship. If he’s missing you, he’d call you anyway. Though, don’t wait too long, as he might think that you are not interested in him. 

Pay attention to introductions

Pay attention when he introduces you to someone or when he just talks to you. For the most of the men, calling you “my girlfriend”, “babe”, “my girl/woman” – is very serious and it means that he wants a relationship with you. 

Don’t make big steps

Commitment is scary for everyone, so don’t make big steps in your relationship and wait a few weeks or even month before going to the next level. Be sure, if you tell him that you wanna marry and have children with him, you will never see him again. 


Just follow these simple rules and you can be sure that dating this man can lead to successful relationship.

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