How to Be a Good Date

How to Be a Good Date

Fixing a date may be time consuming, but not knowing how to be a good date who can behave well can spell doom for anyone. If you want to have a successful date, you need to understand how to be a good date in all its subtleties. Here are some easy tips to follow if you want to impress your partner. 

Be Yourself. Everyone says the easiest way to find that special someone is by being yourself. But it works not all the time, as you do have expectations from a date and the person you’re meeting. And the person you’re meeting has the same expectations too.If by choosing to be yourself, you overlook the few things that really matter, the odds of pleasing your date may go downhill.

Listen to your partner. During a first date, volumes of personal information are exchanged. As you and your partner talk about life, you reveal what sort of people you have as friends,your hobbies , level of responsibility, opinions on the opposite sex, and on and on. These clues are usually wrapped inside stories or observations, but to the person who is focused on listening, they are loud and clear. So don’t miss a chance to learn as much as possible about your partner.

Never reveal your disappointment. You may think you’ve snagged a bad date, but learn to put up with it. You never know how the date could progress and even if your date doesn’t fit your description of a perfect date, it gives you no excuse to insult someone or make them feel bad about it.

Be creative. Do something unorthodox that you wouldn’t normally think of. Don’t be extravagant about it, but working small, unusual things into a date and going new places together can be more fun than the traditional candlelight dinner-type outing.

Always be on your best behavior. Help your date out and make them feel comfortable and happy to be with you. And always remember to thank your date, even if they don’t go out of their way to help you. Don’t be afraid and use these tips next time you meet someone new.

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4 thoughts on “How to Be a Good Date”

  • oh, I gotta learn some of these tips, especially the one about disappointment. it’s so hard for me to stay positive about a ruined date 🙁

  • well, personally I think that it’s better not experiment and stick to the familiar things and patterns of behavior when you’re on the first (especially when you’re on the first!) date and want to make the positive impression

  • “make your date feel comfortable and happy with you” – that’s the key to any relationship. I mean if you want someone to love you. make that someone fell that way

  • as for me, I’m always a good date when I go out with the man I really love. if he’s my pair of shoes and a kind of a soulmate, if he’s the man who SHOULD be with me, everything will go fine even without all my pretending and trying too hard

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