How to Attract the Right Women with Your Online Dating Profile

How to Attract the Right Women with Your Online Dating Profile

You want to create an online dating profile that works for you, right? Yet so many men seem to miss this opportunity and therefore don’t let this important first step work for them. Many men look at this as an opportunity to brag, to be somebody that they’re not, or to go above and beyond what a normal profile should be. Rather than going to extremes, this can be your one shot at showing that you are a nice guy and a good catch.

Here’s the thing—the most important thing about your online dating profile is to take your time and to be honest with it. Use this as your opportunity to be honest about what type of relationship that you want. If you are only interested in a carefree dating experience then say that. Most women would rather that you be honest, and then you can get the right type of match for you. This is also your chance to talk about who you are, but in the right type of tone. The approach that you use will speak volumes when all is said and done!

This Is Your Chance To Tell Her Who You Are

Talk about who you are, what you do, what interests you, what sort of hobbies that you have, and what makes you the individual that you are. This isn’t a time to take crazy shots of your hot body and talk about how much you can bench press—this is your chance to talk about what makes you an individual and therefore what women might be attracted to. Being honest and forthcoming is easy enough, but so few men do this and then wonder why they come across as too bold, cocky, or just not a good match for the right type of women.

The great thing about online dating is that you can narrow your search, and so can the right women.  So use your online dating profile to narrow down who you are so that the right woman will find you and be intrigued. If you’re an outdoorsy type then talk about that. If you happen to be big into fitness or have a huge hobby like golf or tennis then talk about it. No need to brag, but just simply talking about yourself in a fun and approachable way shows that you’re somebody worth taking a second look at.

The online dating profile that you create can really help to set you apart from all the rest. Though many men tend to skip over that important point, it can definitely differentiate what makes you a cool guy and not the typical guy that she wants to avoid. This is your one snapshot that women will breeze over and therefore you have a couple of seconds to draw her in. Talk to her as if you’re having a conversation, be honest, use the right approach and tone, and keep it light and fun—if you can keep all of that in mind then you can definitely win her over and attract the woman that you really want!

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