How Different Are Men and Women?

How Different Are Men and Women?

Sometimes we find it incredibly hard to understand the opposite sex. What we all need to do is to understand and accept what differs us. Then we would be able to use this knowledge and both sexes will benefit from it. In this infographic, has collected funny but true evidence how men and women differ.

Men vs Women

The most obvious difference is the emotional sphere. Women are more in touch with their feelings and emotions. They are very good at expressing themselves and bonding with other people. It makes women great caregivers. But there’s also a downside to it. Being deeply emotional creatures, women are prone to depressions and nervous breakdowns.

Men are extremely good at doing one thing at a time, while women can perfectly manage doing multiple things at once. Males tend to dramatize even minor illnesses when females usually take ailments lightly. And there still remain many other differences to mention.

But actually, men and women aren’t totally opposite. The idea “men are from Mars, women are from Venus” turns out to be false. Researches from the University of Rochester has produced evidence that males and females have lots of things in common.

The researchers, Harry Reis, a professor of psychology at University of Rochester, and Bobbi Carothers, senior data analyst for the Center for Public Health System Science at Washington University in St. Louis, state that “Although gender differences on average are not under dispute, the idea of consistently and inflexibly gender-typed individuals is. That is, there are not two distinct genders, but instead, there are linear gradations of variables associated with sex, such as masculinity or intimacy, all of which are continuous.”

So gender difference does exist, but it’s not the way women’s magazine articles portray it. People have tendency to categorize things, as it’s easier to think of and compare two things (man and woman, extrovert and introvert, etc.). But Carothers and Reis refuse to see males and females as two separate groups. They support the concept that individual differences have only a little to do with gender: “Sex is not nearly as confining a category as stereotypes and even some academic studies would have us believe”.

Alex Cusper, Meetville service analyst, considers that going by old stereotypes and what you suspect the other person may think is usually wrong. Actually, humanity unites us so much more than gender divides us. No doubt that there are some inborn physical and psychological differences. But if we understand and recognize them about each other, we will be able to move forward to a new and better type of relationships.

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