Having Sex On The First Date? Consider These 4 Things First

Having Sex On The First Date? Consider These 4 Things First

It’s that old question that so many people have to think through at some point in their dating life. Are you going to have on the first date? Is this a good thing at all or is it only going to lead to bad things? If you find yourself feeling worried about the outcome, then there’s a good chance that this is the wrong decision for you.

Having sex on the first date can often kill a relationship, but you have to think about what you are personally looking for. Some people don’t worry about the future and just live in the moment. That’s perfectly fine if you are capable of that or if you are at a point in your life where you don’t want much more. Here’s what to consider if you are even thinking about having sex on the first date.


Do you care if you don’t hear from them again?

There’s a good chance f you have sex on the first date that you won’t hear from them again. If you are at a point in your life where you don’t care, then it’s fine. If however, you are looking for something more then you may want to think this through. Having sex on the first date means giving into your impulses and it just might cost you from any future with this person if you aren’t careful about it.


Are you at all worried that this may give you a bad reputation?

Some people couldn’t care less about what others say about them. If however, you do worry about your reputation then don’t do it. Yes, people will talk and yes people might think that you’re easy. So know that going in and act accordingly for your reputation is hard to change once word spreads.

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Are you looking for a serious commitment?

If you are at all looking for a serious commitment then do not give into the temptation. If you have sex on the first date then you are going to kiss any chances at a significant or lasting relationship goodbye. This gesture can show the person that you are just out for some fun. If you want more then save the sex for a future date and ensure that you are seen with respect. It’s just that simple and it truly does say that much!


Are you saving anything for possible future dates?

You never want to lay all of your cards on the table. You want to keep a bit of mystery to you if you want to enjoy future dates. That being said, if you give it all up on the first date, then what’s left for future dates? This may seem like a harsh thing to say, but it’s true. If you give into temptation and passion early on, then you’re not leaving anything to the imagination. Be sure that you know this going in and that you don’t hurt your chances at something that could be great.

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