Halloween costume ideas for singles

Halloween costume ideas for singles

is so much fun! Even though originally this holiday was associated with remembering the dead, nowadays is became more of scary-fun party occasion. 

We all love Halloween as it’s not a good time to party and watch scary movies, but also a possibility to dress up in amazing costumes and pretend to be someone else. And it’s super fun to have someone to wear matching costumes with, though if you’re still looking for your perfect match, you can enjoy your own idea of a Halloween costume. 

So, if you are still not sure which Halloween costume idea would be perfect for you, here we got the best ideas for 2018.

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Pennywise from It

Pennywise It clown costume

Pennywise is the last year’s Harley Quinn. The huge popularity of It wouldn’t let us miss this one. And it’s a scary movie. On Halloween! Surely, it’s gonna be the #1 costume on Halloween, so if you going to wear it, you’re definitely going to be super trendy. Another benefit of this costume is that doesn’t have any sex, so it’s equally perfect for men and women. 

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Halloween

Wonder Woman is another big trend of 2017. Superheroes are always in trend but this one is best of them. What is more, her costume is super sexy 😉

Jon Snow from Game of Thrones

Jon Snow Halloween

There are 3 reasons for you to wear this costume.
1. You are Game of Thrones fan (who isn’t?)
2. It’s one of the most trending costumes this year
3. All girls are gonna be yours!

I mean, Jon Snow is definitely one of the hottest male characters, so wearing this costume would guarantee a success among girls.

Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad

Harley Quinn Halloween

It may seem that this costume idea is left in 2016, but actually, it’s still very trendy. And anyway, as a sexy and a little bit evil character, Harley will always be the perfect idea for a Halloween. 

The Night King from Game of Thrones

The Night King Halloween

Another Game of Thrones character that couldn’t be missed. The Night King is a ‘must have’ on this list not only because Game of Thrones is one of the most important trends in 2017, but also because it’s dark and scary – all you need for a perfect Halloween costume!


Moana Halloween

Moana, on contrary, is a very positive character but still, it’s very trendy this year. The new cartoon got mostly positive reviews and got trendy very quickly. If you are not fond of the dark side of the Halloween but still want to dress up – Moana is a perfect option for you.


Unicorn costume Halloween

It may sound weird but unicorn is one of the most trending Halloween costumes this year. And why not? 😉 

It’s definitely a very fun idea and you surely will be the star of any party!

If you didn’t find anything for yourself on this list, you can easily come up with your own idea. Just think of your favorite book or movie and you have Halloween costume idea!

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