Going Downtown? Americans Say “Yes” to Oral Sex

Going Downtown? Americans Say “Yes” to Oral Sex

There is no law requiring you to perform oral sex, yet many people take great satisfaction from knowing that they can please their partner. Meetville.com (dating app to find the right person) raised the topic in the course of a survey, held from 2/10/14 to 7/10/14.

Participants of the poll were asked: “Do you like to perform oral sex?”. The results show that 68% majority enjoy pleasing their loved ones this way.

It should be noted that among those who like performing oral sex, 65% were male votes and only 35% – female.

Women are supposed to have more liberal and experimental attitudes towards sex, as they are free of psychological blocks about it, such as disgust at the male genitals. Yet San Francisco journalist Michael Castleman states the myth that men don’t enjoy performing oral sex couldn’t be further from truth. “For many men this special gift feels deeply intimate and very satisfying. In addition, women are much more likely to have orgasms from oral than intercourse.”

Out of 139,333 of respondents, the USA  was represented by 73% of votes, Canada – 2%, Britain – 7%, Australia – 4% and other countries – 14%.

Alex Cusper, Meetville service analyst, observes there has been growing interest in the topic: “Indeed, oral sex has recently become rather widespread among adolescents. Moreover, it is often referred to as a new “trend” among young people.” Alex believes they prefer oral sex because it’s safe and the chance of a woman getting pregnant is, of course, nil.

Meetville, a leading mobile dating service, regularly conducts research among its users. Millions of people from the U.S., Canada, Britain and Australia answer hundreds of questions every month. You can find the results of the poll here. If you are interested in research on a particular topic, please contact us. Any reprint of the material should be followed by clickable links to the survey.

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