Is She Flirting With Me or Just Being Nice?

Is She Flirting With Me or Just Being Nice?

That awkward moment when you like her but can’t tell if she actually likes you back. Since you don’t know her well, you can’t be sure if her behavior means that she flirts with you or just being a nice person. It leaves you confused and wondering.

There is a huge difference between being nice and flirty. As soon as you’ll understand how to define these two concepts, the difference between them will be pretty clear for you.

But right now you wanna learn more about how to catch a woman flirting. And we are here to help you.

Next time you ask yourself, “Is she flirting with me or not?” consider the following signs:

She is always available for you

Whenever you ask her out she always finds time for you. She might even cancel her own plans just to spend some time together with you.

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She is teasing you

Since elementary school, teasing was one of the most effective technics in flirting. In the adult world, it remains successful as well. If you notice that she is joking or teasing you a lot, it’s a huge sign that she is flirting with you.

She tries to be closer to you

Not only mentally but also physically. If there is a free place near you, she’ll sit there; if there is a group of people talking, she will obviously do everything to get closer to you. Even if you have a tet-a-tet conversation, she’ll be leaning towards you or keep getting closer by touching your hand. These sings might seem not very obvious, but since you notice them, you will be sure about it.

She uses her body language a lot

We know that you’ve heard it many times but body language is actually the first source to tell you everything about your love interest. Try to notice every little detail – they matter the most. Is her body turned towards you when she’s nearby? Does she look directly into your eyes? Does she touch her hair when speaking or when she sees that you look at her? All these points out that she is into you. And noticing these telltale signs will help you understand her feelings and become sure that she is definitely flirting with you and not just being nice.

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Flirting is so much fun! Don’t be scared to flirt with your love interest and watch out to see if she’s flirting back.

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