Five Myths about Internet Dating…Busted

Five Myths about Internet Dating…Busted

While internet dating is the second most common way for singles today to meet a significant other, some myths persist regarding meeting someone online.  Regardless of the success of this almost two billion dollar a year industry, people continue to harbor unfounded fears and concerns about finding a relationship on the internet.  Here are five common internet dating myths dispelled.

1)  The internet is full of liars, scammers and cheats.  Ronnie Ann Ryan, a dating coach for ten years, says there are liars, scammers and cheats everywhere, not just online.  The best bet is to use common sense and play it safe.  Never give out your last name, your address, your workplace information or your home phone number.  Use your cell phone and meet only in public, well lit places.

2)  Online dating is expensive. Not true. There are many dating sites that are free, and you don’t have to limit yourself to dating sites alone.  Many singles meet their mates in chat rooms, on message boards or internet sites that appeal to certain interests like gaming or green lifestyles.  If you do decide to go the paid online dating website route, the average cost per year is only about $239.00.

3) I am too old to date online.  According to recent statistics, 40% of adults aged 45 and older are single.  Not only that, one of the fastest rising segments of internet daters are aged 50 and above.  There are a large number of dating websites that cater specifically to seniors and those over the age of 50.  As persons in the 45 and older age category find themselves single, online dating becomes a more viable option.  A gentleman I recently spoke with who married a woman he met online when both were age 55 told me that as you age, your attitudes evolve and your tendency is to take nothing for granted.  He married his wife within 9 months of their first date.

4)  Internet dating is for losers.  This is one of the most pervasive myths and easily the biggest misconception.  Many who sign up for online dating are attractive, accomplished and successful people who have not had the time to meet other people due to the demands of their professions. People today often wait until they are fully established in their careers before they begin to entertain the thought of a committed relationship. They may travel extensively or have done so in the past, they may move frequently because of the nature of their positions or have just moved into a new area where they know very few people. And busy, professional people don’t have the time to waste looking for a relationship in a hit or miss fashion.  They choose the way they are likely to meet the best dating candidates in the least amount of time, and that is usually online dating.

5)  Internet dating is embarrassing.  What if my friends or family find out?  Online dating no longer carries the stigma that it once did.  It is now a very widespread and viable means of meeting a significant other. Last year, 17% of marriages were between couples who met on the internet; about 400 marriages a day are performed for people who began their relationships online. And as for family and friends, odds are that some of them have either tried online dating or know more than one person who has; as a matter of fact, I wager most will be encouraging and even offer to help you with your online profile.

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