How to deal with St. Valentine’s day if you are single

How to deal with St. Valentine’s day if you are single

It’s this time of the year again, ugh… Valentine’s day is coming and it means that there will be more couple kissing and holding hands, just like they want to make you jealous.Don’t think though that V-day is special only for these lovebirds! If you are single it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the festive spirit.

Here we got some great ideas how to deal with St. Valentine’s day and take the best of it.

Spend time with people you love

It doesn’t have to be your partner to spend Valentine’s day together. Gather people who matter. Spend time with your family, friends or your favorite pet. Or find people who are single just like you are and spend this day having fun.

Have Netflix and chill night 

It can be a day full of love and romance even if you are single. Take your favorite love movies and give yourself some time to relax. If you are not into romantic movies, just choose whatever you want. At the end of the day, it’s your Valentine’s day and you are free to spend it how you want.

Get a cheat meal

Do you have your favorite meal that you can’t eat every day? Of course, you do! This is the day when you can allow yourself doing whatever you want, so make it a cheat meal day and enjoy yourself.

Find a date online

St. Valentine’s day is perfect to meet someone as single as you are. Visit online sites and apps like Meetville and go on a date with local from your area.

Babysit a for a couple

If you don’t have some special plans for this night, you can always do something nice for others. For example, if you know a married couple who need a break and some time alone, you can help them babysitting their children.

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Just because you’re single doesn’t mean Valentine’s Day can’t be celebratory for you too. Love comes in different forms and love for yourself is super important. Especially if you are single for Valentine’s day.

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