Dating rejection? We don’t care!

Dating rejection? We don’t care!

Sick and tired of constant failures? Does it mean you’d better stop and hope for a miracle? Definitely – not! You are not the only person who has to go through this unpleasant life experience. If you dig deeper into this issue you’ll realize that you’ll hardly meet a person who’s never heard the “no” answer. Unfortunately, sooner or later it happens the overwhelming majority of people.

But there are still people who are more successful than others. Why? Is this just luck? I really doubt this. Nothing in life is given for free. Dating is a real art and you should work hard to increase your chances and become a dating guru.

So, stop whining and start your dating life from the scratch! This article will provide you with some effective tips of advice how to avoid date failures.

Think positively
If you try approaching someone thinking that you’ll be definitely rejected, then you’ll be definitely rejected. Such a mindset doesn’t give you even a chance to fight. The more you think about the failure the more likely it to happen.

Be confident and always hope for the best. It’s difficult to seem calm when inside you are trembling with anxiety, but who sad that dating is an easy game? It’s in our nature to be attracted to confident people. Therefore inner harmony and self-confidence will become your best friends.

Become an attentive listener
Believe no other quality is so highly appreciated as the ability of listening to your partner. Sometimes it’s better to listen rather than to talk. Every person needs attention and when we become all years we show that we are really interested in our date, that we do want to get to know him/her better and sincerely empathize with his/her problems. There is a great saying: “A man is halfway in love with any woman who listens to him.” I’m sure that this is not only about , but about all of us. We always tend to value people who value us.

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4 thoughts on “Dating rejection? We don’t care!”

  • when I was young I have always fostered this fear of failure and sometimes I feel like its taking over my life lol. Im extremely obsessed with this idea of perfection. So anyways I never had a girlfriend then because I was afraid any relationship won’t last or be “perfect”.

  • Finding “the One” is also finding the person who takes in all of you (mistakes and all) and you can do the same for him/her. But it is true, don’t go searching for the one, just be yourself and see what happens! But be positive!

  • Be yourself. This may not sound nice, but as a woman, men expect us to be entertaining, to hold his attention. Sometimes we think thoughts that a best said. Don’t hold back. Hopefully, I’m explaining this right. Say and do whatever comes to mind when you go on dates. Men appreciate the down-to-earth behavior.

  • ust stay relaxed and only do what you feel comfortable with try and act as natural as possible cause noone likes a nervious wreck or a show of good luck though

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