Dating During the Holidays

Dating During the Holidays

If you’re dating this holiday season, don’t forget that there are so many seasonal places and activities to enjoy and it’s a great time not only date, but to do some of the things you enjoy holiday spirit. If you want dating to be fun, it’s good to use a little creativity and mix things up!

  • Ice skating. This activity is not just for people living near frozen ponds anymore! Check your local areas for where they might be – usually in parking lots that aren’t being used. Try going there at night when the crowd is a little older and the stars are out – it’s also a great chance to have a warm drink at a nearby bar afterwards.
  • Visiting decorated neighborhoods. Pick a neighborhood and go for a walk or drive. Some streets go all-out and post their celebrations in the paper, so check your local listings. There’s nothing to put you in a holiday mood like a stroll in the cool air along a lit-up street.
  • Staying home with a cup of coffee. If you’re sick of the usual restaurants, try staying home instead. There’s nothing like decorating your own house and cooking delicious food. Put on a movie and your night is complete.
  • Holiday shopping. While you might not tolerate the crowds when you’re by yourself, going with a date could make the whole experience better. If you have a hard time choosing gifts for friends and family, then going with your date could turn it into an adventure. Don’t choose a standard mall –pick a quirky street with eclectic shops, or go to an outdoor market. You can find bargains at second-hand stores and art galleries, too – items you’d never thought of. It will spark your creativity. Plus, you can check it off your holiday to do list.
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8 thoughts on “Dating During the Holidays”

  • Idiot! how comes I have never taken a girl to a skating ring? I guess that will be really funny. I promise to correct that mistake 😉

  • oh yeah, holiday dating has always been my favorite part. there are so many entertainments and funs. everyone is so nice and happy. love this time

  • but I love holiday shopping! 😀 there is a huge choice, but a limited budget 🙁 nonetheless, I love choosing gifts my by beloved

  • staying at home for a coffee will be not a holiday date, that will be a routine! gotta go outside to enjoy the atmosphere 🙂

  • when decorating your house you can create your own atmosphere 😉 but I don’t think you can make another man work for your house, lol 😀

  • oh, skating and even skiing are a great idea, but you’ve got to learn if your date can do it. I had a situation when the woman was sooooo clumsy and therefore upset that she couldn’t catch up with me, that the date was ruined 🙁

  • well, I then see no difference between this and regular dating. well, may by apart from sales, but it’s not a really good idea to go shopping with your date especially at sales time!

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