Dating an Older Partner

Dating an Older Partner

In spite of the fact that our modern society teaches us to forget about all limits when it comes to love and dating, the question of the age gap is still alive. So, what age difference is considered to be “normal”? And who sets the standards? If two people deeply love each other, why should their age difference be the problem?According to many opinions, people see nothing wrong when the man is twice older than his significant other, while cougars dating younger guys didn’t get the same support.

One of the most popular reasons why older women shouldn’t date younger men is in their disability to give birth to a child. Most men confess that sooner or later they’ll want to have their own family and become fathers, so in such a case maintaining a relationship with their middle aged girlfriends will be painful or even impossible. Thus, they don’t treat dating with cougars like something “really serious”.

As for older men, there are no evident indicators that their relationships with young women will be inevitably condemned. Men can become fathers almost at any age, that allows them create a healthy family without a high risk of being dumped due to the kids question.

Although this could seem rather disappointing for senior women, it doesn’t mean their relationships with younger partners should be terminated immediately. While two people are happy together why should anyone’s preconceptions bother them?

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5 thoughts on “Dating an Older Partner”

  • there are some other things that influence ones relationships compatibility, but age, I mean – character, experience, patience and sincerity and many ohters like these. age is gust a number

  • well, personally I wouldn’t like to date a way older woman, cause I want to be the lead in relationships, I’m the man, and it’s me who has the balls

  • I don’t feel comfortable with any man of my age or younger, I date only those who are older than me. not that much, some 7-9 years at maximum.

  • I ended relationships with a 10 years younger girl after some 6 month. age gap really matters, it was like we were at different planes with different destinations. it was a no go.

  • as a man I realize that no guy wants a woman older than he, I mean as a life mate. may be for a bit of experience and fun. but not for lifetime

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