Dating a Beauty

Dating a Beauty

Have you ever asked yourself why most men find it easy to approach an “average” girl, but as for dating with very attractive girls, they feel nervous or even completely lose their heads? The reason for such behavior is not a secret – this is just a fear of being rejected. And this is the fear and nothing more that prevents men from dating really hot women.

However, if you ask any of them whether they would like to have such a girlfriend, the overwhelming majority will answer “yes”. But how are they going to approach pretty woman if they don’t even know how to start a conversation with them?

Frankly speaking, there are a lot of myths about beautiful women. If you are still going to believe them you are unlikely to succeed. And today let’s take a look at the most widespread misconception about them.

Beautiful women can be attracted by only handsome men. 
It seems to be the greatest of all myths men have ever created about pretty woman. Just think how many times you have seen really gorgeous women with rather unattractive men. I guess – a lot.

Of course, good look plays not the last role when we talk about dating. But attractive appearance is absolutely not the crucial factor that predetermines women’s choice of a partner. Most women value alpha male traits like the power of will, strong character, self confidence, sense of humor etc. According to the numerous polls, most women would rather prefer a partner with a good personality and rich inner world than a sweet macho man.

So, next time when approaching a beauty think not only about your look, but also about what you’ve got inside to share with this stunning lady.

It’s very difficult to start a relationship with a beautiful woman.
Maybe this myth is still alive because most men have no idea how to handle a pretty woman. For such men it’s better not to even try talking to a woman they are attracted, as in most cases they are sure they will be rejected. So why try to do something if you already know that you’ll fail? Men, who told you this?

Do you know how many single beauties can’t find a partner because of your fears? Yes, beautiful women are more likely to stay single than “average” girls just because men don’t know how to approach them.

So don’t try to guess what if… Make the first step and see what will happen. I assure you, that most beautiful women are not snobs or egoists and will be glad to start conversation with you. Just be polite and self-confident, and yes, don’t leave your sense of humor at home.
When the first step is already done – everything depends on you. Of course no one can guarantee you 100% success, but you will obviously fail if you don’t even try to change something in your life.

I’m unlikely to attract beautiful ladies 
Unfortunately, there are a lot of guys who believe that they are not “cut out” for dating with really beautiful women. How do they defend this absurd point of view? They try to give the examples where gorgeous women accompany famous actors, musicians or rich businessmen. These entire examples are true, of course. But haven’t you met any beauties with so called average guys? Maybe some of them just live next door?

How do you find out what is in the box without opening it? How can you be sure you will be rejected without even approaching a woman? By the way, beauty is a very subjective notion. And a lot of beautiful women also doubt their attractiveness and may be as shy as you are.

But I know for sure there is one thing that really attracts girls – this is your self confidence (don’t mix it with arrogance). And next time you see a girl of your dream just come up to her and smile. Believe, it’s much better to regret about what you have done than vice versa. Good luck!

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7 thoughts on “Dating a Beauty”

  • We are not talking here only about external beauty, we are talking about internal beauty too, a woman who is beautiful inside and out, the one who is well educated, intelligent and generous. Why men date beautiful women less often than the other ones… And it’s the fact!

  • There is no woman on the face of the earth so beautiful, rich, or educated, that I would be afraid to ask her out to a goat race if I had the tickets for one. No man can possibly knows what a woman will find attractive or desirable on any particular day.

  • If you had tons of people to choose from would you really want to devote your entire life to someone that is “just so sweet and kind” but not so good looking, and not well off financially… wouldn’t you look for someone who had all of those qualities, if you could, as a beautiful woman could???? yes… plus how many times have you seen those women that just make you turn to have a second look, get out of a beat up car or have cheap clothes on, and cheap shoes, purse, etc. How many of them wouldn’t want to go traveling, if they could? lets be real…How many of them seem very humble toward others?

  • I agree, but I’m not sure that so many guys these days are afraid to approach a beautiful girl. The times have completely changed.

  • I’m not sure men are afraid to date beautiful women. I think a man might be hesitant to ask a beautiful woman for a date because he assumes she must have plenty of dates already and is not available.

  • that’s true, nowadays there are a lof of men who care of their appearance not less than women if not more. I’m for manly men! However the best variant when men combine good personality with pleasant appearance. But i repeat one more time – pleasant doesn’t mean perfect!

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