Is it a date or are you both just hanging out: 3 ways to check

Is it a date or are you both just hanging out: 3 ways to check

When you are going out with your crush you surely want to know is it a or are you just hanging out as friends. Of course, you can always just ask it but not everyone is brave enough to do it. So it’s better to know other ways how to find out is it a date or not. One of the clearest ways to do it is to watch your partner’s behavior. Look at his body language and the way he dresses for this meeting. Some little things like these can tell a lot about your date’s feelings towards you. So, if you wanna know more about how to find out is it a date or not, check out these 3 ways.

He brings flowers and dresses up

If your date brings flowers and dresses up differently from his everyday looks, it definitely means that you are having a date. Of course, it could be possible that your partner will come in his regular clothes and won’t look different by his appearance. Though there are still some more signs to whether it’s date or not.

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He is nervous

The way he acts will tell a lot about his true feelings. If he looks more nervous than usual, or acts strangely, or talks about something you haven’t mentioned before. These all might be pretty clear signs that he is aware that you are hanging out not just as friends and it means a lot to him.

He planned it in advance

If your meeting was planned ahead and it’s not just a spontaneous meetup because you had no one to hang out with than it’s one more signs that it was not just a casual meeting. The long preparation just to see you makes it clear that it means a lot to him and it’s probably a date.

Though, always keep in mind that a lot of guys would like to play it cool and won’t show you their true feelings as well as they won’t share the details of their date preparation. So you’ll have to be very careful about all these signs to find out is it a date or are you just hanging out as friends?

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Another thing to remember is to go with a flow. If you like this person and not sure whether your feelings are mutual, just show it yourself and make the first move. It might feel scary but in fact, it will help you a lot.

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