Dangers and Precautions for Seniors

Dangers and Precautions for Seniors

Sad but true online dating is not a perfect world and there exist different dangers and precautions seniors should know about. Let’s have a look at the most vital problems.

  • People who submit profiles that are a bunch of lies – they hide real facts and present an illusion that is very far from the truth. People can lie about their hobbies, marital status and jobs, so stay cautious and discover the “actual” person beneath the layers.
  • Scammers – extremely charming online daters who will wrench details of your bank accounts out of you and poof the next day you will find your accounts wiped out. So never reveal important information over the net or personally unless you know for certain that the person is trustworthy.
  • Spammers who use online dating sites to flood people with spam mail. Never reveal contact information just because the anonymous dater asked sweetly.
  • Stalkers, rapists, and murders who can easily use the anonymity provided by online sites to find their next victim. So follow safety rules and listen to your instincts.
  • Cons and drug dealers can also use online dating sites. So don’t jump into a relationship in a hurry. Keep it friendly and casual until you know for certain that the person you find attractive is just an ordinary person like you.
  • There are many who are just there for a one-night stand or fling. They use the sites as a playing field. Be alert these types generally betray themselves by inconsistent behaviors.
  • You should also be aware that often married people will cheat online. These people should be avoided immediately.

But don’t let the above turn you away from dating. Read these suggestions and remember thatthousands of men and women have dated successfully using online sites. Don’t let the dangers scare you away.

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7 thoughts on “Dangers and Precautions for Seniors”

  • i had a reverse situation. a woman wanted to come and visit me, but, as she said, she needed some special everyday sruff, that i might miss at my place. so she wanted my account to send money for me to buy all these things for her! I don’t know how they do this, but i’m really afraid to give anyone even account numbers, though I understand that if scammers have only this, they won’t be able to hack it

  • oh, i’m so afraid of all these murderers and maniacs that I never tell people unless I fully trust them) where I work and where I live, when I get back home and so on, so that they are not able to hunt be down and kill 🙁

  • all those precaution tips make me think that t’s better not to turst anybody at all! and you know waht – it’s not good 🙁 after reading articles like this I become very suspicious and always ruin the first impression of me 🙁

  • and it’s so sad, when you come across a really nice person, who is attentive and makes lots of compliments, but in the end turns out to be just another Casanova 🙁

  • oh, i once came across a scammer! he was from another state and seemed very nice and diligent! after a while he asked for my bank account detailes, as if he wanted to send me some money to buy a ticket and visit him as soon as possible! I realized he was one of them, and thank god I was smart enough to break up with him at once! so, be careful, ladies! 🙂

  • I wonder how dump one should be to tell a complete stranger you financial details, e-mails and so on. i htink that everyone in mature enough to realize that they may get robbed! 🙁

  • why should I avoid a married woman? if she’s ready to cheat on her husband it’s her business. what if he’s a cheater as well and that’s how their relationships are built? or should i ask every woman i meet about her marriage and how it’s going on up there! of course not!

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