How to create a perfect bio for your online dating profile: 5 easy tips

How to create a perfect bio for your online dating profile: 5 easy tips

So you got a app, added a few of your cool photos but still get no result? The reason for that is probably because you don’t have any proper information in your profile. Or you wrote it not in a very nice way.  

Don’t you worry, though. We are here to make your dating profile better and attract more to start a chat with you. So, let’s start with your bio.

Follow these tips and take the best of your experience!

Show your goals

Being too “straightforward” in online dating is not always a bad thing. It’s always better to show your intentions from the beginning. It will give you a perfect opportunity to find a person with similar dating goals and not waste your time on someone unimportant.

Find something different about you

Everyone is unique in their own way, so be proud of it and show it in your dating profile. It will also help you to catch the attention of other singles. And if you think that you are quite ordinary… Well, just tell all the features you like about yourself. Sure enough, a person, who’ll be interested in you will see what he needs.

Use your sense of humor (if you have one)

Leaving one or two jokes in your bio will only benefit it. Or writing your info in a funny way. This will already tell a lot about you as a person and will significantly increase your chances to be noticed by someone special.

Give your matches something to work with

Having a fun cute bio is great. But it actually worth nothing if you don’t leave any useful information in there. Don’t forget to mention your hobbies and life interests. If you are looking for something particular in a future partner, you can mention it too. Just remember, the more information you add in your bio, the more perfect match you’ll get.

Don’t overdo it, tho

Know when to stop. Having detailed info about yourself is great but no one will read a huge amount of text in an online dating profile. So keep your description short but still informative to let your future crush notice you and get interested in you.

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